People's Climate March
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September 21st, 2014 People's Climate March NYC

Are you ready to join others you want to show support for climate action? 

Well hop on a bus to New York City for a one day road trip on Sunday, September 21. The People's Climate March--held just days before the United Nations Climate Summit--is an unparalleled opportunity to let our world leaders know how urgently the public is calling for solutions to climate disruption, and how we need to move quickly from dirty fuels to clean energy. Also, it just might be the biggest public outpouring of support for climate solutions this planet has ever seen.

Breakfast and snacks are included.  If you have special dietary needs, those can be accommodated on request. Please let us know if you need a low income rate.





We currently have buses from Yellow Springs, Columbus, and Cleveland

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We're sorry, the deadline for buying tickets for this event has passed.