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June 3, 2014 Yesterday the Environmental Protection Agency proposed historic standards to curb carbon pollution from existing power plants. Share on Google+ Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Tell Your Friends
EPA Takes Huge Step in Climate Disruption Fight EPA Takes Huge Step in Climate Disruption Fight

Yesterday the Environmental Protection Agency proposed historic standards to curb carbon pollution from existing power plants. The standards, which will clean up the power plants that create the lion's share of carbon pollution in the U.S., are the most significant action any president has ever taken to combat climate disruption.

Thank President Obama for these historic protections!

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New Mobile Alerts Tell When Air is Unsafe New Mobile Alerts Tell When Air is Unsafe

The Sierra Club now has Mobile Air Alerts to allow you to better protect yourself and your family from harmful air pollution. The alerts will let you know instantly when outdoor air is polluted with harmful levels of smog, and you can plan your outdoor activities accordingly.

Text ALERT to 69866 to sign up to receive a text when there's an air quality alert in your area.

Stargazing With the Terminator Stargazing With the Terminator

For stargazers, there's a lot of good action in the heavens this month. Two meteor showers are in store, Mars cozies up to Saturn, a full strawberry moon makes an appearance, and the so-called lunar terminator -- the shadowy division between night and day on the lunar surface -- creates the best time to view the moon with magnification, when the shadows highlighting the craters and mountains show our satellite as three-dimensional.

Find out where and when to look for these heavenly highlights in June.

Sierra Club Outings Explore
An Inside Look at Outings

Ever wondered what it's like to visit a wild place where few have gone before? Assist a much-needed service project in a public park? Raft whitewater rapids or kayak a coastal paradise?

Experience the next best thing with this short film showcasing a variety of trips we're offering this year for younger participants -- with abundant options for everyone else, too!.

The Royal Flush in Toilet Technology? The Royal Flush in Toilet Technology?

The flush toilet was invented in the 16th century -- and not a great deal has changed since then in toilet tech, which remains a real water waster.

Is there a way to build a more sustainable toilet that handles waste in an eco-conscious way?

Check out the winner of a toilet innovation contest.

When Companies Talk Sustainability, Is It Just Talk? When Companies Talk Sustainability, Is It Just Talk?

Some of the biggest companies in the world are meeting in San Diego this week for the Sustainable Brands Conference, and Pepsi will be there to brag about its environmental record. But PepsiCo still uses climate-disrupting, water-polluting, forest-destroying tar sands to fuel its massive fleet of delivery trucks -- the largest private vehicle fleet in the United States.

Tweet: #Sustainability & tar sands don't mix. @Pepsi, @CocaCola & other companies at #SB14sd should say NO to tar sands fuel

Green Beans Enjoy
Green Beans

There's more to eco-conscious coffee than bringing your own mug. Is being picky about the provenance of your roast just greenwashed indulgence? Definitely not, says Sarah Weiner, founder of the Good Food Awards, who says there's a direct connection between sustainability and quality when it comes to brewing a good cuppa joe.

Find out why.

Happy Birthday, Sierra Club! Happy Birthday, Sierra Club!

Last week the Sierra Club marked 122 years of exploring, enjoying, and protecting the planet. Want to know a little more about our history, like who was the first woman elected to our Board of Directors (and what year it happened)? How fashion-conscious hikers attired themselves for the mountains 100 years ago? How the work of a young artist was transformed by a trip to Yosemite? Who was the Club's first Asian-American president?

Check out these five blog posts, replete with historic photos, to find out.

8 Ways to Save on Gas 8 Ways to Save on Gas

Summer vacation driving season is here, and Mr. Green has eight fuel-saving tips for readers who are ready to hit the road. Do you know when it makes sense to use cruise control (and when it doesn't)? Why does hitting the donut shop hurt your gas mileage?

Get the answers from Mr. Green's driving tips for sparing the air and your wallet.

Rallying for Clean Air in Maryland Rallying for Clean Air in Maryland

More than five million Marylanders live in areas that fail to meet air-quality safeguards, and a bunch of them rallied in Baltimore before delivering 2,000 comments to the Maryland Department of the Environment that support the state's proposed clean air standards. "Cleaning up pollution from coal plants helps people like me stay alive," said Doris Toles, a Baltimore resident who suffers from asthma and COPD.

Read more about what residents of the Old Line State are doing to clean up their air.

Fracking in Parks? Fracking in Parks?

Sierra Club activists continue to fight natural gas fracking nationwide! Pennsylvania residents reeled when Governor Tom Corbett announced he would allow expanded fracking in state parks. But that reeling has turned to action, as citizens take to social media and plan a rally in the capital on June 17.

Meanwhile, Sierra Club activists in Louisiana who want to protect St. Tammany Parish wetlands from fracking are working closely with the retired Army Lt. General who turned around Katrina relief efforts.

The Largest Unprotected Roadless Forest Left in the Lower 48 Protect
The Largest Unprotected Roadless Forest Left in the Lower 48

Central Idaho's Boulder-White Clouds area is the largest unprotected roadless landscape left in the Lower 48. With some 150 alpine peaks that rise above 10,000 feet, it's the crown jewel of Idaho wilderness. Increasing industrial activity and a growing population, however, have made the fate of this pristine region uncertain. We can change that.

Tell President Obama, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to designate Boulder-White Clouds as our nation's next national monument.

Fracking in Parks? Farewell to a Friend

Steve Pawlowski, Arizona Water Sentinels coordinator for the Sierra Club's Grand Canyon Chapter, died yesterday while waiting to testify at the state Capitol in Phoenix. He was 61.

"We cannot think of a kinder person than Steve," says close friend and Grand Canyon Chapter director Sandy Bahr. "He helped people and our environment. He was knowledgeable about water and other environmental issues and passionate about Arizona's rivers. Steve was dedicated to making this a better world -- and he did. He led our Arizona Water Sentinels for the past five years, where he developed a strong and dedicated team of volunteers to protect our rivers. Our hearts go out to his family, to his wife Jeanie and daughter Sarah. He was a good friend to us and to our environment. We will miss him immensely."

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