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War of the Whales War of the Whales

After traveling with his 13-year-old daughter to a pristine lagoon in Baja California where gray whales give birth to their calves, Sierra Club member Joshua Horwitz was moved to "tell the story of this generation of whales and their struggle for survival." The result is War of the Whales, a true story about how a whale researcher and an environmental lawyer confronted the world's most powerful navy after a mass stranding of whales in the Bahamas, and took their battle all the way to the Supreme Court.

We sat down with Horwitz last week to talk about whales and his new book.

Risky Business Risky Business

A just-released report, "Risky Business", examines in unprecedented depth the threat to the U.S. economy if we fail to address climate disruption. The Risky Business Project, cochaired by philanthropist and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, and philanthropist/environmentalist Tom Steyer, tasked an economic research firm that specializes in analyzing disruptive global trends with assessing the economic risks posed by a changing climate in the U.S.

Read the interactive report and see how climate disruption will affect the area where you live.

America the Wild America the Wild

The Wilderness Act of 1964, the landmark law the Sierra Club helped pass that now protects 110 million acres of untamed landscape, turns 50 this summer. In the latest issue of Sierra magazine, noted author Kenneth Brower, son of former Sierra Club executive director David Brower, reminds us in this essay that wild places tell us who we are, and we lose them at our peril. Dan Chu, director of the Club's Our Wild America campaign, explains in this interview why land protection remains so vital to the Club's mission in this era of global warming. And check out photographer Ian Shive's gorgeous slide show, capped off with his video, 50 Years of Wilderness.

Photo by Ian Shive

Summer Service and Celebration Explore
Summer Service and Celebration

This September marks the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. What better way to celebrate than by helping protect and preserve our nation's wild places on a volunteer vacation? Here's where we're headed in the lead-up to the big "Five-O": All this -- plus lodge and family trips, backpacking, water sports, international trips, and more -- awaits at Sierra Club Outings.

The Power of a Plan The Power of a Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency's new "Clean Power Plan" for reducing carbon pollution from power plants will have significant public health, economic, and climate benefits during the coming decades. But, as Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune writes, it's also had some immediate and noteworthy results that even the EPA couldn't have predicted.

Now, the EPA wants your input. Help us reach our goal of 25,000 new official comments saying that America is ready for strong climate action!

Act Now and Double Your Gift Act Now and Double Your Gift

If you think the gray wolf is in danger, meet the Archipelago wolf -- a subspecies of the gray wolf native to southeast Alaska and the Tongass National Forest. Massive clear-cut logging has caused their numbers to decline sharply. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is about to review the Archipelago wolf for endangered species protections -- but there's no guarantee. It's up to all of us to make sure the protections actually get enacted, so we've extended our match campaign until midnight tonight.

Can you help? Donate by midnight tonight and have your donation matched, dollar for dollar, and your gift will go twice as far to stop the destruction of our most pristine forests and wild places.

Donate Today!

5 Ecofriendly Sunscreens Bringing Out the Kid in All of Us

"Working with Inner City Outings, I get to be a kid again," says Joy Mayfield, a longtime volunteer ICO leader in Nashville. But sharing her love of the environment with local youth isn't always easy. Mayfield remembers a hot, sticky day when she and another leader agreed to take kids from a juvenile agency to a local park, and five very big, sullen-looking teens got off the bus: "They weren't smiling," she says.

Then they started hiking...

Catch a Daily Ray of Hope Enjoy
Claymation Sensation

In Muir, a stop-motion animation about the Sierra Club's founder, a 9-inch John Muir recites some of his famous reflections on the beauty of nature while walking through forests made from old water bottles and paper mâché. The short film is the creation of 19-year-old Louisville native Ian Timothy, now in the Experimental Animation program at the California Institute for the Arts. "I've always loved doing films with some sort of message, and I thought this could be my little way of helping keep Muir and his vision alive," Timothy says.

Watch the video and read an interview with Timothy about the making of Muir.

Kiss Your Gas Goodbye Kiss Your Gas Goodbye

Considering buying an electric vehicle but don't know where to start?

Check out our EV guide for the basics; read this primer on hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and battery electrics; and learn how scientists are working to extend battery range, with the goal of developing batteries with five times the performance of today's batteries at a fifth of today's cost within the next five years.

Photo courtesy of Toyota

Partners for the Future An American Moment

With the recent "Clean Power Plan" released by the EPA for cutting carbon pollution from existing coal plants, and indications that President Obama is likely to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, we are at a potentially defining American moment. On Sunday, September 21, tens of thousands of people will converge on New York City to urge the president to show the hundreds of world leaders gathering there for the UN Climate Summit that America is ready to lead a global response to the global climate crisis.

Save the date and make your voice heard at the People's Climate March.

Join the Conversation on World Population Day Join the Conversation on World Population Day

As the global population grows, we strain our resources and our environment -- but there are ways that we can limit our impact.

RSVP to our World Population Day conversation to talk about how voluntary family planning and access to healthcare can be tangible goals in the fight against climate disruption.

Enough Is Enough: Stop Fracked Gas Exports Enough Is Enough: Stop Fracked Gas Exports

For too long, President Obama has allowed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to put the interests of the oil and gas industry above our health, safety, and climate. FERC has rubber-stamped project after project to expand fracking and export fracked gas overseas. On Sunday, July 13, we say enough is enough.

Join thousands of concerned activists in Washington, D.C., calling for a stop to fracked gas exports.

Pedaling for the Planet Pedaling for the Planet

Want to have an amazing bicycle adventure and support the Sierra Club's work at the same time? Climate Ride may be just the event you've been looking for! You can see some of America's most beautiful landscapes while raising awareness about safer cycling, green energy, sustainability, and climate change, and you'll get to meet and network with other passionate cyclists/environmentalists. The national Sierra Club is among the beneficiaries of this year's ride, so be sure to specify when you register.

Read more about Climate Ride and how you can get involved!

Save a Cool Biodiversity Hot Spot Protect
Make the San Gabriels Monumental

The San Gabriel Mountains, which form a spectacular backdrop to the Los Angeles basin, contain some 700,000 acres of forests, numerous peaks that rise over 9,000 feet, and clear-running rivers that provide one-third of Los Angeles County's drinking water. The San Gabriels also provide much-needed recreational opportunities for over 17 million people in the greater Los Angeles area. But insufficient resources to manage this vulnerable wilderness jeopardize the future of the San Gabriels.

Tell President Obama, Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak that the San Gabriel Mountains should become a national monument.

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