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June 2014

The People's Climate March on September 21 as nations gather for a UN Meeting on climate will be the largest in history. Plan to join the Sierra Club and dozens of other organizations to demand real action on global warming. Go here for details.

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* In NYC in September, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will convene a UN Climate Summit of leaders in government, civil society, and the private sector to address the climate crisis. He is calling on world governments to support an ambitious legal agreement in 2015 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  A People's Climate March to call for action will be held on Sunday, September 21 which is being organized by a coalition that includes, 350NYC, and the Sierra Club along with other groups. In fact, NYC Group members met in April with Michael Bosse from National to discuss Club planning for the march. See the Sierra Club statement on the People's Climate March that was released on June 17: and RSVP here. In addition, on Saturday evening, September 20th, there will be a panel discussion “A Global Climate Treaty: Why the US Must Lead.”

NYC June 2014 Pic1* Fifty-five people came to our most recent Sustainability Series event to hear Judith Enck, Administrator for EPA Region 2 (NY, NJ and Puerto Rico) speak on President Obama’s Climate Change Plan on June 18th. Her message was that climate change is already happening and the time to act was yesterday. The EPA’s “Clean Power Plan,” proposed on June 2nd, sets goals for cutting carbon emissions. Like all of EPA’s work, the plan is based on science and the law and relies on the states to design and implement plans, based on their own strengths and priorities, to reach national goals. Enck emphasized that public input is important. For more information, click here and to file comments, click here.

NYC Newsletter June2014* Sierra Club Programming in Queens April, May and June were busy months for Sierra Club programing in Queens with presentations at Alley Pond Environmental Center (APEC), in Queens.  In April, we presented "More Than Honey,” a film is by Academy Award-nominated director Markus Imhoof about the collapse of hives worldwide.  In May, Thomas Wysmuller, Meteorologist and member of the NASA TRCS group, focused on “albedo” (reflectivity) of snow and ice and its impact on world-wide climate. And, in June, Ken Gale of WBAI’s Eco Logic joined Thomas Wysmuller to present “going solar" in NYC. They offered the basics of “how to” and information on ”buying versus leasing” solar panels, and  the incentives available, including discounts to those who choose to go solar with the Club’s promotion. Attendance increased each month going from 16 initially to 26 at the last program.  We are looking for Sierra Club members in Queens to help plan programming for the coming year.  Those interested should contact Thelma Fellows at 718 460-6734.

* On a beautiful sunny afternoon, members of the NYC Group presented, “Going Solar! Can You ‘Live off the Grid’ in NYC?” at the Staten Island Museum. The program was introduced with a slide presentation about a group of Architectural students and Engineers that helped provide electricity and hot water for a Navajo family who literally live 20 miles off the grid in Colorado’s Navajo Nation’s territory. Sierra Club’s Tom Wysmuller and Scott McDonnell discussed the mechanics of home solar power, state programs that make solar available to families, and the relative advantages of leasing versus buying solar panels and the new state programs to assist families. Songwriter, guitarist, and Sierra Club member, Louise Luger, sang, “Power,” a song by John Hall nuclear power protest song in the ’80’s calling for heat from the sun and the blowing wind.


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