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Volume VII, #14
April 7, 2009

"If I find anything frustrating it's that governments for 15 to 20 years have been telling us what a crisis climate change is. When the financial crisis comes along, they discover trillions of dollars to invest in the banks. If climate change is a crisis, government should be investing a fraction of that in climate change, and maybe if we had a fraction of the money we have today to spend then on climate change we wouldn't have a climate change problem."

-- World Coal Institute CEO Milton Catelin

In this issue

1) Take Action: Help the Clean Energy Bill Make a Strong Start
2) Take Action: Pass a Final Budget that Ensures Our Clean Energy Future
3) Victory: Blair Mountain Added to National Register of Historic Places
4) Public Hearings: Offshore Drilling

1) Take Action: Help the Clean Energy Bill Make a Strong Start
solar panelLast week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee responded to President Obama's call to move forward with comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. Bold action is needed to renew, repower and rebuild America.

Tell Congress to make polluters pay for the carbon pollution that causes global warming and implement requirements for renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean fuels.

Currents action alert arrowContact your Representative today.

2) Take Action: Pass a Final Budget that Ensures Our Clean Energy Future!
budgetCongress left town last Friday for a two-week spring recess, after voting to pass a budget Resolution that focuses on president Obama's domestic priorities -- clean energy, health care, and education. Now as the House and Senate versions of the budget are merged into a final budget, we need to ensure that President’s priorities and funding targets are reflected in the final bill.

It is these provisions which will fund our transition to a cleaner, greener economy by making polluters, like dirty coal companies, pay for their global warming pollution and eliminate billions in giveaways to Big Oil.

Currents action alert arrow Tell Congress to pass a final budget that reflects the new direction for our country's energy policy and takes the first step to finally tackling the issue of climate change.

3) Victory: Blair Mountain Added to National Register of Historic Places
West VirginiaOnce listed as one of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, Blair Mountain in Logan County, West Virginia was added last week to the National Register of Historic Places.

In 1921 Blair Mountain became the site of our nation's largest-ever labor struggle when 10,000 people clashed as coal miners rose up against the coal barons in defense of their right to unionize. Though the mountain is still at risk from mountaintop removal coal mining, the designation is the first step to protecting this important piece of history.

4) Public Hearings: Offshore Drilling
Offshore DrillingNow is your chance to send a clear message that America needs clean energy, not more risky offshore oil drilling.

On Wednesday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will hold a public hearing in New Orleans to find out how Americans feel about the expanded offshore drilling the oil industry is pushing for. There will be two more hearings the following week in Anchorage and San Francisco.

Big Oil is working furiously to make it look like Americans support policies that add to the oil industry's profits but destroy our coasts. Secretary Salazar needs to see that what Americans really want is clean energy and the jobs that come with it --- not more dirty, risky offshore drilling. The most important thing you can do is show up at a hearing and make it clear which side you're on. If you can't make the hearing, please log-on to our action center and submit your comments.

Hearing schedule and locations:  


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