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April 21, 2009: In This Edition of the Insider
  • Seven Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Tomorrow
  • Free Missy Higgins Download
  • Raise Your Hand for a Clean Energy Future
  • How Green is Your Workout?
  • Coal Activist Wins Goldman Environmental Prize
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    The Planet Puts on a Party Hat
    Earth Day 2009Some of us were kind of blue in recent years when April 22 would roll around. The future just wasn't looking so bright. But it's a new day! And actions taken on our issues since President Obama came into office have us feeling hopeful -- and dare we say -- even a little celebratory.

    Let's all do something in honor of Earth Day tomorrow, or this coming weekend, whether it's picnicking with friends, cleaning up a creek, or finding out ways to live a little lighter on the planet.

    We've got seven simple ideas for you, if you'll just click here

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    Signup for the Green Life

    Missy's Song...Your Song?
    Missy HigginsThere are lots of ways to celebrate Earth Day, and if you're inclined to do so musically, then we'd like to offer up a free song download from one of the best eco-activists we know, singer Missy Higgins.

    Sign the pledge to curb your personal carbon emissions by 2%, and the download is yours.

    While we're on the subject of music, we'd love to hear cool songs with a "green" theme that you or your friends have recorded. Send them to us as an mp3 attached in an email to, and we may feature them, too. 

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    President Obama and the Big Picture
    CO2President Obama has made this abundantly clear: He sees the big picture. He and his team understand that by shifting to clean energy, and cracking down on corporate pollution in our water and air, we'll create economic prosperity and reduce our dependence on oil and coal, while tackling global warming at the same time.

    With its eye on that target, the EPA issued a finding last week that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases represent a significant threat to public health and welfare. It's the first in what we expect to be many rulings that establish the U.S. as a leader in clean energy and global-warming solutions. That's why we're launching our new Big Picture campaign to support the administration as it makes rulings to build our clean-energy future.

    Please pledge your support for the Obama administration as we blaze a path toward a clean energy future.

    Use this link to get started:  

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    Is Pumping Iron Good for the Planet?
    How Green is Your Workout?Lifting weights and working up a sweat in the spin class at your gym are good activities for your body, but are you doing the planet any favors when you get your dose of heart-pumping, muscle-building exercise?

    Take our latest quiz, "How Green is My Workout," and see whether you’ve got anything to brag about in the locker room. 

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    Kudos for Coal-Miner's Daughter
    Maria GunnoeHer work to stop the devastating practice of mountain-top removal coal mining has shut down mines and led to stricter regulations, and now Maria Gunnoe is among the 2009 recipients of the Goldman Environmental Prize. A born-and-bred West Virginian, Gunnoe has worked with the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, as well as the Sierra Club's Environmental Law and Environmental Justice programs, to stop a mining practice that devastates communities and natural resources. As she says in a Goldman video, "When you flip a switch on, there's a 52% chance that you're destroying the water, air, and land where I live."

    Other 2009 Goldman Prize winners hail from Gabon, Suriname, Bangladesh, Russia, and Indonesia. Each receives $150,000 to pursue his or her vision of a renewed and protected environment.

    Meet all of this year’s worthy winners here.

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    John Muir 

    We're Glad He Was Born
    That would be Sierra Club founder John Muir, whose birthday is today!

    You knew he was a dedicated conservationist, but did you know he was an inventor, took a 1,000-mile walk, camped for three days with a U.S. president, and has a minor planet named after him?

    Learn more about our hero in the John Muir Exhibit

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    Applaud the EPA

    Applaud this Agency
    Seriously. The Environmental Protection Agency made a bold move with its finding that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases endanger public health, making them eligible for regulation under the Clean Air Act.

    Join the virtual round of applause


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