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May 19, 2009 : In this issue
  • America's Best Idea
  • Our Own Eco-Hero 
  • Coal-Dust Pollution Victory 
  • Celebrate Asian-Pacific American Month
  • Twittering the Big Picture
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    Today's green tip
    Reduce your trash footprint by bringing your own reusable container to the coffee shop or cafe.

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    Pedal Power
    Pedal Power
    Back when Jimmy Carter was president, Raymond Bridge wrote the Sierra Club's Outdoor Adventure Guide for bicycle tourists.

    Now, thirty years later, he's completely updated Bicycle Touring and guess what's changed? Practically everything! If you've ever dreamed of hitting the open road on a bike, this guide packs everything you need to know into more than 450 pages of cycling wisdom.

    Hot Off the Blogs
    But the auto industry only moved forward when it had to. And there's a lesson here for those of us fighting the oil/coal/dirty-power complex that's been clamoring for bailouts and loopholes in the climate legislation that's pending in the House Commerce Committee.


    Two Free Songs
    Want to download two free songs from some of the coolest (and greenest) music artists? Click here to receive two free tracks from the likes of Michael Franti, Missy Higgins, Brett Dennen, John Butler Trio, and others. The songs are all from the benefit album, Protect the Places We Play, put together by Clif Bar's Green Notes program and benefiting the Sierra Club and other conservation organizations.

    This Week on Sierra Club Radio:

    * The founder of Honest Tea
    * How shareholder campaigns can hold corporations accountable
    * Green job training programs
    * Green living tips

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    Host or Attend a House Party!
    Be a part of the Big Picture campaign and help build the grassroots base President Obama needs to turn the tide on climate change.  Host or attend a house party on June 2!

    BillA Preview of "America's Best Idea"
    This fall, PBS will air a new 12-hour, six-part documentary series, directed by Ken Burns: National Parks: America's Best Idea. Needless to say, we're super excited about the series (and proud to be an outreach partner).

    The September 27 air date is still a ways off, but most PBS stations will show a half-hour preview on May 24 (check your local listings). In the meantime, you can learn more about the series, download some nifty wallpaper and other widgets, and even pre-order a DVD from the series website

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    Coal DustAn "Angel" and a Hero
    Imagine growing up in Southern California without ever seeing the ocean. Every year, that's the case for at least one of the kids at Crenshaw High's Eco Club. Fortunately, dean of students, Sierra Club volunteer Bill Vanderberg, has dedicated himself to making sure they have the opportunity to experience the world beyond their own inner-city neighborhood.

    The role Bill has played in turning around the lives of hundreds of students was recognized last week when he received an "Early's Angels" award from CBS's The Early Show. You can watch the story of Bill and his students here.

    Only a real motivator could get 250 young people into a gym in South Central L.A. at 4 a.m. Congratulations, Dean Vanderberg -- you're what the Sierra Club's Building Bridges to the Outdoors program is all about! 

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    Ken BurnsDeadly Dust Defeated
    A critical victory for healthy communities was won on April 24. The Virginia Air Pollution Control Board voted unanimously to support recommendations made by the Sierra Club and the Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards to improve health-threatening coal dust pollution in Roda, Virginia, which is surrounded by nine mountaintop-removal coal mines.

    "When I was there, coal trucks were passing by at a rate of about ten per minute," says Sierra Club attorney Aaron Isherwood. "Every house in the community is coated with coal dust -- outside and inside. This victory couldn't have been achieved without local residents who had the courage to stand up."

    Read the full story of how local residents fought back in our Scrapbook blog.

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    Asian-Pacific American Heritage MonthAsian-Pacific American Heritage Month
    May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month -- a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. To mark the occasion, Sierra Club President Allison Chin will speak at several public events this month including addresses to the EPA in San Francisco and to the Service Employees International Union in Washington, D.C., relating her own story as an Asian-American environmentalist and stressing the importance of the Blue Green Alliance.

    For more on how the Club as been partnering with Asian Americans, see our Scrapbook blog.

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    TwitterTwittering the Big Picture
    Yesterday was the first hearing on the EPA's proposed finding that the greenhouse gases causing global warming are a threat to the public health and welfare of the United States.

    Mark Kresowik of the Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign had this to say: "The four or five climate change deniers and industry lobbyists present looked discouraged as speaker after speaker urged the EPA to move away from the dirty coal and oil interests of the past."

    If you couldn't make it to Arlington yesterday or can't be in Seattle on Thursday, don't worry -- our live Twitter feed from the hearings will keep you informed on who says what -- and how the EPA reacts. The big carbon polluters have spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying in Washington D.C., and we know they'll push hard against any regulation from the EPA.

    Let's turn these hearings into a powerful message that our country's future won't be determined by the coal industry and its allies.

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