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May 26, 2009: Volume VII, #21

"…the idea Hawthorn is selling -- Coal is clean! -- is complete horsesh*t."

-- Sean Flynn, in his recent article, Black Tide, in GQ magazine.

In this issue
1) Take Action: Protect Our National Forests’ Roadless Areas
2) Take Action: Protect Our Public Lands from Commercial Oil Shale Development
3) Supreme Court: Sotomayor Nominated
4) Big Picture: Thousands Help Put Pieces in Place

1) Take Action: Protect Our National Forests' Roadless Areas 
Roadless Area, TreesOver eight years ago the Roadless Area Conservation Rule was established to protect 58.5 million acres of our most cherished and ecologically important national forest land from new roads and development.

But now, following constant assaults from the Bush administration, our national forests and roadless areas are facing immediate threats -- plans to build roads and hold timber sales in inventoried roadless areas ranging from the remote rainforests of Alaska to the pristine White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire.

Currents action alert arrowUrge the Obama administration to uphold the Roadless Rule and protect 58.5 acres of our national forests, including Alaska’s Tongass National Forest!

2) Take Action: Protect Our Public Lands from Commercial Oil Shale Development
RiverRight now, Secretary Salazar is deciding whether to dedicate more of our public lands to commercial oil shale development. We know very little about the ecological and economic viability of oil shale development. If we rush this decision, we could lose thousands of acres of game habitat and pollute miles of river, fundamentally changing the character and landscape of the West.

We should be pursuing clean energy sources like wind and solar, instead of gambling with dirty energy sources on our public lands.

Currents action alert arrow
Please contact Secretary Salazar and ask him to stop oil shale development on public lands!

3) Supreme Court: Sotomayor Nominated 
Supreme CourtJudge Sonia Sotomayor has been nominated to the Supreme Court by President Obama. As we've seen with our clean water laws, which are currently in turmoil as a result of previous Supreme Court rulings, the court plays a vital role in directing the laws protecting our environment and communities.

With her long record of fair-minded rulings and a history of ruling for environmental protection the Sierra Club is looking forward to Judge Sotomayor's confirmation.

4) Big Picture: Thousands Help Put Pieces in Place 
The Big PictureThousands of volunteers, business and community leaders, clergy and scientists turned out last week for the Environmental Protection Agency's hearings on global warming. In both Arlington and Seattle, Nay-Sayers sent by the big polluters were drowned out by the incredible showing of support for a clean energy economy and strong action against global warming. Thank you to all of you who helped make it happen!

While the hearings are over, they are just one piece of the Big Picture solution we need.

Help us keep the momentum by hosting a house party for the Big Picture campaign

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