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June 16, 2009: Volume VII, #24

"A billion gallons of milk will cause problems."

-- Tom Adams, executive director of the American Coal Ash Association, on the giant coal ash spill in Tennessee.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Clean Energy, Not More Drilling
2) Take Action: Protect our Rivers and Lakes from Pollution
3) New: What's at Stake?
4) Victory: New Protection for New Mexico's Mount Taylor

1) Take Action:
Clean Energy, Not More Drilling
This week the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources is expected to pass a package of energy legislation. Unfortunately, the bill was substantially weakened as it moved through the committee and would fail to promote clean energy jobs while aggressively expanding offshore oil and gas drilling. While it makes positive strides in setting new energy efficiency standards for our buildings and appliances, it falls far short of what President Obama has called for in order to repower America with renewable energy, create millions of new clean energy jobs, and fight global warming.

Senators will have an opportunity to fix the bill once it is considered by the full Senate.

Currents action alert arrow Contact your Senator now and tell them to support strong standards for renewable energy and energy efficiency and oppose more offshore drilling!

2) Take Action: Protect our Rivers and Lakes from Pollution 
As the 40th anniversary of the Cuyahoga River fire approaches, we’re reminded of how much our water quality has improved thanks to the Clean Water Act. But now this progress is at risk as developers and polluters try to strip Clean Water Act protections from the wetlands, small streams and tributaries that serve as drinking water sources for millions of people, as well as vital habitat and nesting grounds for wildlife.

On Thursday the Senate Environment Committee will mark up a bill that could restore Clean Water Act protections to these vital waters. They need to hear from you.

Currents action alert arrow Tell Congress to act now to reverse the damage by passing the Clean Water Restoration Act!

3) New: What's at Stake? MTR Mining
Together with actor Ashley Judd the Sierra Club has launched the "What's at Stake" website to end the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal mining.

The website highlights the communities and natural areas still at risk in Appalachia; it also allows the public to track all the mountaintop removal permits now before the Obama administration and learn more about the mountains and communities whose fate hangs in the balance.

4) Victory: New Protection for New Mexico's Mount Taylor
Mt. TaylorWith help from the Sierra Club's Environmental Justice program (and despite enormous pressure by pro-uranium mining interests) five American Indian tribes in New Mexico succeeded in having 541 square miles of Mt. Taylor listed on the state's Register of Cultural Properties. The designation will trigger an automatic consultation with the tribes for any new development proposal in the area. The tribes and other community leaders are committed to opposing new mining proposals one by one and to doing everything they can to use the designation to protect Mt. Taylor.

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