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Groups Launch Ad Blitz in Support of House Clean Energy Bill
Coalition Includes Environmental, Labor, Hispanic, and Veterans Groups

Washington, D.C.—A diverse coalition of groups representing more than 10 million Americans launched a major television, print, and online advertising campaign this week urging Congress to pass and strengthen the American Clean Energy & Security Act, which is likely to come up for a vote on the House floor next week.  Groups taking part in the effort include Sierra Club,, the League of Conservation Voters, America's Building Trades Unions, Democracia Ahora, the Blue Green Alliance, the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, and the Service Employees International Union.  These groups have collectively spent approximately $5 million in recent weeks in support of a strong clean energy jobs plan.  

"We want Congress to hear that millions of Americans want to get America running on clean energy and rebuild our economy with clean energy jobs," said Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director.  "It's time for Congress to answer President Obama's call for a comprehensive clean energy and climate plan.  Congress needs to strengthen and pass the American Clean Energy & Security Act without delay."

"We believe this is the most important energy vote that members of the House have ever cast, and we urge Congress to strengthen and pass this comprehensive clean energy legislation," said Gene Karpinski, president of the League of Conservation Voters. "When the roll is called, lawmakers can vote to build a clean energy economy or risk being on the wrong side of history."

Television Spots Running Inside the Beltway

The League of Conservation Voters together with America's Building Trades Unions and, separately, Sierra Club in partnership with launched television ads warning that the clean energy economy will be built overseas unless Congress lets America lead again by strengthening and passing the American Clean Energy & Security Act.  The spot began airing last Sunday on both cable and broadcast television in the Washington D.C. market and will continue to run through June 25.  The ad can be viewed online at:

"Billions in Middle East oil profits have helped fund the same terrorists we're fighting," said Jon Soltz, Co-Founder and Chairman of  "By building an American clean energy economy, we can reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil, cut off funds to terrorists, and keep America safe. Congress can help protect America by strengthening and passing this crucial legislation." 

Print Campaign in Hill Publications

The television ad campaign is being supplemented by a print ad campaign in Capitol Hill publications.  The print ads call on Congress to create clean energy jobs here in America and end our dependence on oil.  The ads—from the Blue Green Alliance, Sierra Club, the Service Employees International Union,, the League of Conservation Voters, Democracia Ahora, and the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund—will run over the next two weeks in Congress Daily AM, Politico, The Hill, Roll Call, Congressional Quarterly, and National Journal.  The ad can be viewed here.

"We can rebuild the middle class here at home by building the clean energy economy," said David Foster, Blue Green Alliance Executive Director.  "A strong clean energy jobs plan will create millions of new jobs across the country while tackling climate change and moving America toward energy independence.  That's why environmentalists and labor unions alike are calling on Congress to strengthen and pass a comprehensive clean energy and climate bill."

Online Ads Targeted Toward Decisionmakers

The Sierra Club also launched an online advertising campaign yesterday targeted at key stakeholders and decisionmakers within the Beltway.  It underscores the need for Congress to pass strong legislation to create clean energy jobs in face of growing unemployment across the U.S.    

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