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Urge Sec. Clinton to Put a Stop to
Dirty Oil Pipeline Projects from Canada

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"[Climate change] is a threat that is global in scope but also local and national in impact.... No issue we face today has broader long-term consequences or greater potential to alter the world for future generations."
-- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, April 27, 2009

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Right now, while our whole nation is working together to move into a clean energy economy, the most destructive oil project on Earth is sneaking across our border.

It's up to us to stop it.

This massive, dirty oil project is called the Canadian tar sands, and it's quietly making its way into our country, pipeline by pipeline, refinery by refinery, permit by permit.

Now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the power to stop this destructive project, and she needs to hear from us. In just two weeks, a major piece of this single, massive, Big Oil plan -- the Alberta Clipper pipeline -- is up for approval by the U.S. State Department.  As if its global warming pollution were not bad enough, it also will result in the wholesale destruction of the Canadian boreal forest, a vital carbon sink and global bird nesting grounds.

Let Secretary Clinton know that we want clean energy jobs here in the U.S., not more dirty oil piped in from Canada.

Secretary Clinton has the power to protect our national interest from more dirty tar sands oil pumped in on pipelines from Canada. She can help secure a clean energy future that will create jobs for Americans and reduce the effects of climate change.

Click here to let Secretary Clinton know you want her to make the United States a global leader on clean energy, not lock us into Big Oil’s "dirtiest project on earth."

Thank you for everything you do to help shape our clean energy future.

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