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July 7, 2009: Volume VII, #26

"It's time we invest in the farmers of the Midwest instead of the oil cartels of the Middle East."

-- Sen. Klobuchar, in today's hearing on the clean energy jobs plan

In this issue

1) Take Action: Protect Communities from the Border Wall
2) Take Action: Demand a Strong Clean Energy and Climate Bill!
3) Energy Bill: Get Real-Time Updates
4) Solar Power: Growing Fast

1) Take Action:
Protect Communities from the Border Wall
Border WallBuilt by ignoring America's legal framework, the nearly 700-mile long border wall has fractured communities and threatened wildlife. To learn about the senseless destruction caused by the border wall, check out our new profiles of the individuals and families impacted by the wall and separated from their land.

View the spectacular photos and then take action.

Currents action alert arrowTell Congress to stop the border wall and focus instead on responsible border security policies that protect communities and wildlife instead of destroying them!

2) Take Action: Demand a Strong Clean Energy and Climate Bill!  
CO2Comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation has passed in the House of Representatives. This historic legislation will put the U.S. on the path to slash the carbon emissions that cause global warming 80 percent by 2050, a signal accomplishment necessary to preserve the planet for future generations.

Although it makes a strong start, there are a few key areas that must be improved before it reaches the President's desk. In particular, a way to clean up the oldest and dirtiest coal plants, ramped up investments in energy efficiency, a quicker transition to clean energy sources and more investments for the public benefit, not polluters.

Currents action alert arrowUrge your Senator to strengthen this bill as it moves forward!

3) Energy Bill: Get Real-Time Updates
LivebloggingWant do more than take action? Follow developments live with the Sierra Club as the Senate takes up the comprehensive clean energy and climate plan, starting with a hearing in the Senate Environment and Public Works committee today.

We're liveblogging today’s hearing, and subsequent Senate hearings and markups on the clean energy jobs bill. You can also catch up or follow breaking developments on our Twitter feed, @SierraClubLive. Look for the #brokenrecord and #ACES hashtags.

And if that's still not enough, check out our daily previews and wrap-ups on each legislative action as the Senate continues its work on the clean energy jobs plan in the weeks ahead.

4) Solar Power: Growing Fast
Solar PowerAmong clean energy options wind may currently be top dog, but solar power is growing fast, with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory seeing the potential for tens or hundreds of megawatts per year. Plans are in the works for new types of concentrated photovoltaic solar power operations which could generate electricity on a massive, utility scale. And in California, growth in energy generated by rooftop solar panels has almost reached the limit of what can be bought and sent to the grid.

Learn more about the power of solar energy

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