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Issue #288
July 10, 2009
Conservative Jokers Attack ACES
Josh Dorner

In the two weeks after the historic House vote on a comprehensive clean energy and climate plan, conservatives and the far-right tea bag set have nearly self-immolated over what they see as the latest socialist plot to destroy America, one wind turbine and energy efficient hot tub at a time. Yes, they really are afraid of JACUZZIs becoming more energy efficient!

Cap and Tax Bill

Here are some of the lowlights.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, the campaign arm of the party in the House, tried to put up a TV ad attacking Rep. Tom Perriello of Virginia for his vote in support of clean energy. Only problem was that it used the widely discredited $3,100 "national energy tax" number and the TV station refused to air it. Oops.

A teabagger activist from Louisiana started the website to attack the 8 House Republicans who had the temerity to stand up take the vote that was in the best interests of our economy and our environment.

Seizing on a provision regarding home energy audits brought up by Minority Leader John Boehner during his unsuccessful Fili-Boehner, Fox News and other far-right "news" sites took the hustings to cry socialism and even likened home energy auditors to the Gestapo.

(The National Association of Realtors debunks this particular myth here.)

By far the most serious response from conservatives is due to come on Monday, when a group of senators will unveil a plan that calls for the construction of 100 new nuclear plants. Not only is this a retread from the McCain campaign, but it would cost up to $4 TRILLION! The plan does not of course explain how any of this would be paid for or actually do anything to reduce emissions. Seems slightly odd coming from a group whose constant refrain has to do with criticizing excessive government spending.

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