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July 14, 2009: In This Issue
  • 100 Coal Plants Defeated!
  • Photo Contest Winner Announced!
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  • Protect Communities from the Wall
  • Meet the Lazy Organic Gardener
  • Hydrate to Help the Planet
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    Today's green tip
    Encourage your children's creativity, or have fun with musically inclined adult friends, with DIY instruments.

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    Nature Notes

    Trails Nature Notes
    Why not enliven you next dinner table conversation with a few stories from the Nature Notes series on Sierra Club Trails?

    For instance, why is it risky to scare a turkey vulture? What should you do if a mountain lion jumps on you? And who's faster: your grandmother or a rattlesnake?


    OK, Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" was a given, but what are Ted Nugent and Mos Def doing on a list of planet-friendly "ecoTunes"?

    Find out for yourself at the Green Life blog and tell 'em what other great green songs should have made the cut.

    On the Radio
    This week on Sierra Club Radio:
    1) Filmmaker and author Dayton Duncan.
    2) Green living tips from Avital Binstock.
    3) Novella Carpenter on her new book Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer.

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    Dear EPA: Clean Up Coal!
    Contact your senators today and ask them to urge the Environmental Protection Agency to immediately begin enforcing regulations that will clean up the pollution and stop the destruction caused by coal.

    100 Coal Plants Down100 Coal Plants Down…
    Last week, Intermountain Power's plant in Utah became the 100th coal plant to be prevented or abandoned thanks in large part to the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign. Activists have worked on the ground in almost every state to fight local coal-plant proposals -- turning out to public hearings, holding rallies, and meeting with officials to push for cleaner and cheaper energy options. One result: more than 400 million tons of harmful global warming pollution kept out of the air annually -- significant progress in the fight against global warming.

    "We are witnessing a remarkable transformation toward a cleaner, healthier, more secure future," said Bruce Nilles, director of the Beyond Coal Campaign. "Coal is no longer a smart or cost-effective option. We can create jobs and electricity through clean-energy technology made in America." Want to become part of the movement to stop coal? Join the "Coal Is Not the Answer" group on Climate Crossroads.

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    The Winning PhotoThe Winning Photo Is... (Drum Roll, Please)
    A magical sunset photo of Delicate Arch taken by Josh Myers of Port Orange, Florida, is the winner of the National Park Photo Contest on Sierra Club Trails. Thousands of people voted on the best of 20 spectacular images of wildlife and wild places, and Myers's image -- taken during a one-month road trip around the Wild West with his roommate -- came out on top.

    See the top 20 photos and learn more about 26-year-old Myers, including how he inadvertently invented a wind-powered Jeep.

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    Not Just for the Birds
    If "tweet" means more to you than the sound that comes from that tufted titmouse in your backyard, then you're in luck! The Sierra Club has three awesome Twitter feeds that will keep you up-to-the-minute on everything from lowering your own energy bill to getting one passed in Congress.

    For tips from our Green Life blog (and sneak previews from Sierra magazine), check out Our "loquacious-in-a-good-way" executive director, Carl Pope, issues frequent updates at And last but not least, for all the latest Sierra Club buzz, check out

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    Protect Communities from the WallProtect Communities from the Wall
    Built by ignoring America's legal framework, the nearly 700-mile-long border wall between the U.S. and Mexico has fractured communities and threatened wildlife. See for yourself the senseless destruction it has caused.

    The Senate just voted to build over 300 more miles of border walls. To date, border-wall construction has cost at least $2.4 billion, and the Senate mandate for additional construction could cost American taxpayers up to another billion dollars. Thankfully, there's still time to remove this harmful provision.

    Contact your legislators to let them know this is the wrong approach and to ask that the Department of Homeland Security be allowed to plan and execute the most effective and efficient combination of measures to gain operational control of the border.

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    Meet the Lazy Organic GardenerMeet the Lazy Organic Gardener
    Admittedly, the Lazy Organic Gardener, who blogs on Climate Crossroads, isn't really all that lazy -- he's just learned to rely on easy plants like raspberries, morning glory, lavatera, and Peruvian lilies. "If a plant can't survive without pesticides or herbicides or lots of work," he says, "well, it doesn't belong in my garden."

    And being lazy hasn't stopped him from figuring out how to grow upside-down tomatoes. Share your own lazy summer gardening secrets at Climate Crossroads

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    SIGG America CollectionHydrate to Help the Planet
    As proud members of 1% For The Planet, the folks at SIGG bottles have pledged to donate $1 to the Sierra Club for every bottle sold from their new limited-edition America Collection.

    The collection features some really striking designs -- from Lady Liberty to Route 66 and the deep blue of the Pacific.

    So start sipping!

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