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"Leading military and security experts agree that if left unchecked, global warming could increase instability and lead to conflict in already fragile regions of the world. We ignore these facts at the peril of our national security and at great risk to those in uniform who serve this nation."

-- Former Senator John Warner (R-VA), now helping launch the Pew Project on National Security, Energy and Climate.

In this issue:
1) Take Action: A Safer Way to Treat Mining Waste
2) Take Action: Protect Our Clean Water from Mine Waste Dumping
3) Report: FEMA Acted Too Slowly on Formaldehyde
4) Public Land: Groups Gather to Support Public Lands Service Corps

1) Take Action: A Safer Way to Treat Mining Waste
Gold MineThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is taking public comments on a permit for the Kensington gold mine, which would not only allow this facility to fill a small lake with 4.5 million tons of toxic pollutants, but could also open waters across the country to other types of mining pollution, such as coal waste. Using toxic by-products as fill material could put all of our waters at risk.

Currents action alert arrowSend a message to the Army Corps of Engineers that a safer plan exists to allow the Kensington mine project to move forward without filling Lower Slate Lake with toxic waste.

2) Take Action: Put Cash for Clunkers to Good Use
Cash for ClunkersThe national Cash For Clunkers program (aka CARS) is generating a media storm. The $1 billion program gives vouchers of $3500 or $4500 toward the purchase of a new vehicle if you have a "clunker" to trade in.

These are taxpayer dollars to help sell new cars, and it is up to consumers to put these dollars toward the purchase of more fuel efficient new vehicles -- not just a new gas guzzler.

Currents action alert arrowHelp inform consumers of the choices they can make to purchase fuel efficient cars.

3) Report: FEMA Acted Too Slowly on Formaldehyde
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials "did not take sufficiently prompt and effective action to determine the extent of the formaldehyde problem in the emergency housing units once they were aware that such a problem might exist" after Hurricane Katrina -- that's the summary released in a report from the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General last Friday.

The report also credits the Sierra Club, and local Gulf activists, for bringing the much needed attention to the formaldehyde problem in FEMA's travel trailers.

4) Public Land: Groups Gather to Support Public Lands Service Corps
Public Lands Service CorpsLast Wednesday, the next generation of public lands stewards and enthusiasts joined Congressman Raśl Grijalva, Sierra Club, and a coalition of groups to clear the trail towards green and service-oriented jobs.

Gathered at the U.S. Capitol building, Rep. Grijalva, Student Conservation Association (SCA) crew members, and youth and young adults from Sierra Club took up tools to advocate for the Public Lands Service Corps Act of 2009. HR 1612 would expand the existing Public Lands Corps, greatly increasing opportunities for youth and young adults, particularly those from underserved communities, to gain valuable job skills and spend time working outdoors while providing much-needed services on our Nation's public lands.

"I see nature and the environment in a totally different light due to my SCA experience," said Talita Sueldo, an 18-year old from Washington, D.C. currently serving her third hitch with the SCA. "I'm now a steward for life and want to see others enjoy the same service and growth opportunities as I've had."  

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