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August 6, 2009

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Car Consumers Get It
Sierra Club Tool for Cash for Clunkers Program Extension

Washington, D.C.— After today’s successful Senate vote extending the federal government's Car Allowance Rebate System (also known as "cash for clunkers"), the Sierra Club announced it will continue helping consumers better understand the environmental and economic benefits of making the right vehicle purchasing decisions.

The Club’s Cash for Clunkers online guide  includes a calculator allowing consumers to compare the fuel savings and emissions reduction benefits of various new models.

Consumers clearly got the message on increasing fuel economy during the first round of Cash for Clunkers, with the Department of Transportation reporting the following statistics:

- The average fuel efficiency of trade-ins was 15.8 mpg
- The average fuel efficiency of new vehicles purchased was 25.4 mpg
- Trade-ins and purchases equaled a 61% increase in fuel efficiency
- 83% of the trade-ins were trucks
- 60% of the new vehicles purchased were cars

"The Cash for Clunkers program is only as good as we consumers allow it to be," said Ann Mesnikoff, Director of Sierra Club’s Green Transportation Campaign.  "We are excited to continue helping consumers choose a vehicle that gives a boost to both the economy and our environment. Choosing the right new vehicle will save money at the pump, cut dependence on oil, reduce carbon emissions, and help the auto industry."

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Sierra Club Green Transportation Campaign online cash for clunkers guide:

Official CARS program website:

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