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"We don't hide the fact that there are emissions from our plants, but there are lots of other sources, too, other industries and cars and trucks going through there with emissions much closer to the ground."

-- Midwest Generation spokesman Doug McFarlan on the pollution from his company's coal plants

In this issue:
1) Take Action: Climate Leaders Needed
2) Take Action: No Free Pass for Cement Kilns
3) New Report: Four Years after Katrina
4) China: New 2050 Emissions Goal

1) Take Action: Climate Leaders Needed
Calling all online action takers, phone bankers, and volunteers extraordinaire; you are the force of change in the Sierra Club and we need your help. Please join our new Climate Leader program and commit to helping our most important campaigns once a day, week or month.

As a leader you'll get the inside scoop on our latest strategies, help test out cutting edge tactics and technology and you'll be the first place we turn to when we need to show our grassroots muscle. Decisions made in the next few months will have a tremendous impact on our nation’s future.

Click here to take action!Become a leader today.

2) Take Action: No Free Pass for Cement Kilns
Cement kilns are the biggest source of mercury pollution in the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing tough new cleanup rules, but the polluters are pressuring Congress to force EPA to weaken its plan.

Click here to take action!Ask your Representative to support big reductions in cement kiln pollution -- it could help avoid up to 1,600 premature deaths each year.

3) New Report: Four Years after Katrina
Nearly four years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans the area is serving as a national model, working to rebuild green. So how is the city doing?

Find out in our new report, New Orleans Green Building Assessment. See how existing partnerships are helping make progress and where emerging partnerships could help bring improvements and create green "best practices."

4) China: New 2050 Emissions Goal
For the first time China has announced that it will begin reducing global warming pollution by 2050. Despite being the world’s largest global warming emitter, China has long argued that developed nations should take the lead on reducing carbon emissions.

With Copenhagen approaching, the country seems to willing to compromise and the country's top climate official, Director General Su Wei, has vowed that China's global warming emissions "will not continue to rise beyond 2050." 

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