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"I don't think our data supports that. It jumped right out at me. Our data says something different."

-- Pat Campbell, assistant water division director at the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) after WV DEP Secretary Randy Huffman told Congress there was little evidence that mountaintop removal mining damaged streams

In this issue:
1) Take Action: Say 'No' to a Free Pass for Old Coal
2) Take Action: Party for Parks!
3) Sportsmen: Trout Unlimited, Sierra Club Team Up
4) Victory: Coal Plant Abandoned

1)Take Action: Say 'No' to a Free Pass for Old Coal
While Congress is home for recess, the coal industry is fighting hard in districts against a clean energy jobs plan. With passage of the American Clean Energy Security Act in the House, America has taken a good step toward a clean energy economy. But we can't let coal hold us back.

Right now the clean energy jobs bill does nothing to address the 30% of our nation's global warming pollution that comes from old, dirty coal plants.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper and make sure everyone, including your Senator, knows that cleaning up dirty coal plants must be a top priority.

Click here to take action!Write a letter to your local paper.

2) Take Action: Party for Parks! 
The National Parks: America's Best Idea. The title of this new Ken Burn’s documentary says it all. Help protect the future of this great idea by hosting a "Party for Parks" house party on September 20th. We'll send you a free sneak-preview DVD (the film doesn't air publicly until September 27th) along with everything you need for a successful party to take action to protect wild places.

And if you are one of the first 20 people who sign up to host a party you could receive a free autographed copy of the just-published Sierra Club Books book Gloryland, by Shelton Johnson, the only African-American park ranger in Yosemite and one of the "stars" of the Ken Burns series.

Click here to take action!Host a "Party for Parks" house party!

3) Sportsmen: Trout Unlimited, Sierra Club Team Up
Today, Sierra Club and Trout Unlimited announced that they will formally partner in an ambitious campaign aimed at getting youth outside fishing. The new partnership is part of an effort that started in 2008 when the Sierra Club began working with the Federation of Fly Fishers to encourage children to fish. The groups donated 2,800 fishing rods to programs that so far have taken over 98,000 kids fishing.

Learn more about the Sierra Club’s youth fishing program

4) Victory: Coal Plant Abandoned
Santee Cooper, South Carolina's state-owned electricity utility, announced yesterday that it was suspending plans for its Pee Dee coal plant. The coal plant would have significantly increased mercury emissions in the Pee Dee region, which already suffers from high levels of mercury contamination.

A recent federal report found that mercury levels in fish from this area are among the highest in the country. The utility cited possible carbon regulations as one of the reasons behind the decision.

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