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"This is the truest form of grass-roots there is. We don't charge people to be members of the Citizen Army, so if anything, it's more organic than what some of the environmental groups do."

-- Joe Lucas, senior VP of communications for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity on the coal industry's astroturf campaign

In this issue:
1) Take Action: Don't Drill Our Coasts
2) Take Action: Fight Back Against the Coal Industry
3) New Video: Solar Panel Smackdown!
4) Coal Ash New Data Show Problem is Widespread

1)Take Action: Don't Drill Our Coasts
offshore drillingIn the waning days of the Bush administration, the Minerals Management Service pushed through a 5-year drilling program which would open the majority of our coasts to offshore drilling. Secretary Salazar has put a halt on this unbalanced plan by extending the public comment period through September.

We need you to submit your comments to the MMS today and let them know that drilling is not the answer! 

Click here to take action!Submit your comments today!

2) Take Action: Fight Back Against the Coal Industry
Wind FarmIn less than a week, Members of Congress will return to Washington, DC with the concerns of their constituents on their mind. Help fight back against powerful lobbying efforts of the coal industry and make sure that your Senators have clean energy jobs on top of the agenda when they return.

Tell your Senators that cleaning up old, dirty coal plants must be a top priority. This step is key not only to reducing global warming, but also to building our clean energy economy by hastening the transition to clean energy like wind and solar.

Click here to take action!Tell your Senators to make cleaning up dirty coal plants a priority!

3) New Video: Solar Panel Smackdown!Caveman
When it comes to America's energy future, there’s a simple choice to be made between old and new. Check out the Solar Panel Smackdown to see what we mean.

Then see if your Representative is part of the Caveman Energy Caucus that chose old energy by voting no on the American Clean Energy Security Act.

4) Coal Ash: New Data Show Problem is Widespread 
TVA Ash SpillIn response to requests by the Sierra Club and other environmental groups, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released new data on coal ash ponds across the country, finding almost twice as many coal ash sites as originally estimated.

Coal ash sites contain harmful levels of arsenic, lead, mercury and other toxins, which can leach out into drinking water sources or flood nearby communities as happened in Tennessee last year.

Find out if there is a coal ash site near you

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