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New Hampshire Takes Action Against Global Warming
Honoring Cesar Chavez
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Sierra Club InsiderMarch 20, 2007

10 Ways to Go Green at Work

Greener homes are in the spotlight these days, but what about the other place where many of us spent huge chunks of our time -- our offices? Some simple changes of habit can save energy and resources at work, and these small steps can be multiplied by persuading the powers-that-be at your workplace to adopt environmentally friendly (and often cost-effective) policies.

How many of these 10 tips from "The Green Life" are being followed in your workplace?

Strut Your (2%) Stuff
Earth Day is just a month away! Are you ready? Visit our Earth Day website and you'll find a menu of programs you can choose from to customize a celebration for your community. Something you can do right now (and ask your friends to do, too) is participate in Every Day Solutions. Scientists say we must curb global warming by cutting our carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050. That's about 2 percent a year. Submit a photo of you or a friend doing something to curb carbon emissions (riding your bike, hanging laundry instead of using the dryer, screwing in a compact fluorescent light bulb), and we'll post it in Every Day Solutions. And when you've done that, take our global warming pledge to make a difference.

Fast Food Nation
Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation began life as a series of articles in Rolling Stone, found fame as a non-fiction bestseller, and eventually was turned into a feature film (now available on DVD) with the author himself writing the screenplay. How did Schlosser turn his nonfiction book into a "character study" film? He tells Orli Cotel the whole story in last week's episode of Sierra Club Radio. You can listen here. Want to make sure you don't miss the next broadcast of Sierra Club Radio? Subscribe to our podcast!


Sundance Channel Green Debuts
Last year, Robert Redford, announced that the Sundance Channel will launch The Green, a three hours of weekly primetime programming that will focus on environmental topics. The Green will debut on April 17th with original series and documentary premieres about the earth's ecology and concepts of "green" living. The Sierra Club served on the advisory committee for The Green. You can learn more about it and get a preview at the Sundance channel website.

New Hampshire Steps Up
More than 140 New Hampshire towns passed global warming resolutions last week, sending a clear message to Congress and the White House that immediate action is needed to curb global warming pollution. The resolution calls on Congress and the White House to take immediate action to curb global warming pollution and calls on the town to establish a local energy committee to look into ways to help the community increase efficiency and reduce global warming pollution. The votes came as a result of a grassroots coalition effort, with Sierra Club volunteers gathering petition signatures and talking to people in their communities about the importance of taking action to fight global warming at the local, state and federal level.

Remembering a Great Man
Through his life's work, Cesar E. Chavez linked people and the environment, teaching us that we all have a right to live in a healthy and safe environment -- no matter whom we are or where we are from. The work of Chavez and members of the environmental movement resulted in passage of landmark laws that protected our air, water, land and -- most importantly -- people. The Sierra Club has officially endorsed the creation of a national holiday to honor the life of Cesar Chavez and his commitment to justice and service.

For more information or to download a petition to create a Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday, visit the United Farm Workers website.

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Last-Minute Grand Canyon! There's still limited space on two April departures to the Grand Canyon. Come explore the North Rim on the remote Nankoweap Trail or hike the classic Tanner-Escalante-Grandview Route, named one of the top five routes in the entire U.S. National Park System by Backpacker magazine.

If you're the plan-ahead type, we have trips in the summer and fall too. Just check out our 2007 Grand Canyon lineup.

Ten Great State Parks
Tired of being cooped up for the winter? Don't despair, spring is almost here and with daylight-saving time you even have an extra hour to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. Hit the trails, explore miles of living coral reefs, tour a historic trading ship or bird watch at one of our nation's awe-inspiring state parks.

See a sample of Sierra Club's park picks featured in USA Today.


Tell Congress to Increase Fuel-Economy Standards America needs to cut its dependence on oil and tackle global warming while saving money at the gas pump.

Ask your representative to co-sponsor the Markey and Platts fuel-economy bill.

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