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"I love America, but mostly I love defiance."

-- Ted Nugent at yesterday's Friends of Coal rally in West Virginia

In this issue:
1) Take Action: Support the Employee Free Choice Act
2) Take Action: Don't Sacrifice Our Coasts
3) New: Meet Clean Energy Works
4) Victory Michigan Says No to Coal

1)Take Action: Support the Employee Free Choice Act
Green Jobs NowOver 300 state leaders from around the country, including dozens of Sierra Club volunteers, are gathering in Washington, DC this week to urge their Senators to support good, green jobs and pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

Help bolster their efforts to protect workers' most basic rights by telling your members of Congress that protecting workers' rights to organize is an essential part of building a clean energy economy that lifts up all workers and communities.

Click here to take action!Tell Congress to support the Employee Free Choice Act today!

2) Take Action: Don't Sacrifice Our Coasts
AustraliaRight now a major spill is underway off the coast of Australia. It currently covers 1800 square miles and is expected to continue for another seven weeks. Lying in the path of this spill is one of the last untouched marine wilderness areas.

And here's the kicker -- this spill is occurring from the failure of a new high-tech rig, the very sort that Big Oil keeps touting as safe.

New drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is currently being debated in the Senate and this spill should not be left out of the debate. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and tell everyone, including your Senator, that drilling technology is not safe, that spills do happen, and that we will not sacrifice our coasts so Big Oil can continue to reap sky-high profits.

Click here to take action!Write a letter to your Editor!

3) New: Meet Clean Energy WorksClean Energy Works
Clean Energy Works, an unprecedented grassroots coalition of faith, labor, veterans, environmental, sportsmen, farm, business, youth and community groups formally launched today. The coordinated campaign is working in 28 states to mobilize tens of millions of Americans to push for strong, comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation.

Using public events, earned and paid media, and online organizing the coalition brings new energy to the fight for a better future.

4) Victory: Michigan Says No to Coal 
MichiganMichigan regulators today released a report showing no need for two coal plants in the state. According to the study the Wolverine coal plant will not be needed at all (pdf) and the Consumers plant will not be needed (pdf) for at least five years -- and then only if existing coal plants in the state are shut down.

The move comes in response to a directive from Gov. Granholm earlier this year requiring coal plant developers to consider clean energy alternatives to coal plants.

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