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"I really believe, in my heart of hearts, that coal is going to be burned around the world for years to come."

-- Michael Morris, chairman and president of American Electric Power.

In this issue:
1) Take Action: Promote National Security, Say No to Dirty Fuels!
2) Take Action: Uphold the Roadless Rule
3) Clean Energy Jobs Tour: Grand Finale Thursday
4) Climate: India, China Announce Action on Global Warming

1)Take Action: Promote National Security, Say No to Dirty Fuels!
Tar SandsCongress took big step against global warming when it passed the "no worse than gas" provision (Section 526) of the 2007 energy bill, which prohibits the federal government from buying dirty, high-carbon fuels like oil shale, liquid coal and tar sands. Some members of Congress want to defend dirty fuels and block funds needed to implement Section 526.

Click here to take action!Urge your Senator to oppose these efforts.

2) Take Action: Uphold the Roadless Rule
ColoradoOver eight years ago, the Roadless Area Conservation Rule was established to protect 58,5 million acres of our most cherished and ecologically important national forests from new roads and development. Although President Barack Obama has pledged to defend and uphold this landmark rule, Colorado is attempting to back away from the popular national policy and weaken protections for the state's 4.4 million acres of undeveloped national forests.

Click here to take action!Urge Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to reject Colorado’s proposal, and carry out President Obama's pledge to uphold the Roadless Area Conservation rule!

3) Clean Energy Jobs Tour: Grand Finale Thursday
Clean EnergyThe month-long Clean Energy Jobs Tour comes to a close on Thursday with a huge rally after more than 50 events in 22 states. Just a day before the Group of 20 meets to discuss climate change and the economic crisis, the rally will be a huge demonstration of the demand for a transition to a clean energy economy in America.

The rally will include musical guests like Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and other elected officials, and leaders from the faith, labor, sportsmen and business communities.

Check it out:  

4) Climate: India, China Announce Action on Global Warming
IndiaThis week two of the world's biggest economies, India and China, are announcing plans to limit carbon emissions. These unprecedented steps come at the same time as a new survey showing 86% of corporations see new business opportunities in addressing climate change.

A global clean energy economy could be on its way.

Now it’s up to the U.S. to do its part

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