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For Immediate Release
September 30, 2009

David Willett, 202-675-6698

Sierra Club Applauds Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act

Washington, DC: Statement of Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director

The Sierra Club applauds the introduction of the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act by Senators Kerry and Boxer today. It is time for American to again take charge and make sure that we have less pollution, more jobs and greater security.

This bill is an important step forward to the clean energy economy that works for everyone. It makes America more energy independent creating new jobs with safer, cleaner energy sources that are made in America and work for America. We are pleased that the Senate bill sets a strong short term target for carbon pollution reductions and retains EPA's authority to regulate global warming emissions.

For far too long, Big Oil and Big Coal have been receiving billions in giveaways while fighting pollution regulations.  The Sierra Club will work tirelessly to ensure that these polluters and their astroturfing front groups are held accountable for their pollution as well as for their sneaky attempts to question settled science and lobby for more of the same old deals.

Millions of jobs could be created here if only the U.S. were to invest wisely in clean energy, innovation and efficiency. This bill can build our clean energy economy — and not let polluters get away with their dirty business-as-usual ways.

Global warming is a very real threat to our national security. As catastrophic weather events increase over time, our world will see more climate refugees masses of people forced to move, causing clashes over borders and dwindling resources like food, fuel and water. A strong clean energy bill is essential to protecting our security.

We look forward to engaging our activists and working with the Senate on this historic effort. 


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