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For Immediate Release:
September 30, 2009

Virginia Cramer, 804-519-8449

New Rules for CO2
EPA Focuses on Cleaning Up Nation’s Largest Emitters

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson is announcing today a new proposal to reduce global warming emissions from the country's largest polluters. The proposal would require new coal plants and other large facilities to install global warming pollution controls. Existing facilities would have to upgrade global warming pollution controls when the rest of the facility is modified or expanded to increase emissions by more than 10,000 tons. The proposed rule would only apply to sources emitting at least 25,000 tons of greenhouse gases each year, exempting small businesses, churches and apartment buildings, while still addressing the bulk of the nation's global warming pollution.

In response Mary Anne Hitt of the Sierra Club’s Big Picture Campaign issued the following statement.

"Administrator Jackson and the EPA deserve praise for this move to cut pollution while helping American businesses.  Regulating these largest sources of global warming pollution is one of the most key pieces of the big picture.  These major industrial facilities, including the more than 500 existing coal plants, are responsible for almost 70 percent of our country’s global warming pollution. Addressing the pollution from these sources is a key part of the big picture solution, and we’re pleased the EPA is taking action.

"This rule is written in such a way that it will not only result in significant pollution reductions, but it will help spur growth and development of the clean energy technologies. It will hold the largest polluters accountable, while allowing small businesses to continue to prosper.

"Taken together with the EPA’s actions to limit carbon pollution from cars, this rule will make significant progress in protecting communities and the economy from the impacts of global warming. There is still much to be done, not only to clean up existing energy sources like coal, but to fully transition to a clean energy economy. Today’s announcement brings us one step closer."


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