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October 6, 2009: In This Issue
  • 100,000 Champions
  • The Clean Energy Act
  • Get Shelton Johnson's Novel
  • How Green Is Your Money?
  • Taking Kids Outdoors with ICO

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    Today's green tip
    When your flight attendant hands you a napkin with your drink, politely decline it, explaining that you'd prefer to save the paper.

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    Muir Would!

    Read E-books? Muir Would!
    Interest in a certain Scotsman skyrocketed last week, with a record number of visitors to our online John Muir Exhibit -- the best place to learn more about our founder and his work.

    It's also the place where you'll find the text of every book he published during his lifetime, including what one reviewer called "the best dog story ever written" -- Stickeen. (Interested in a free Kindle-format book by John Muir? Let us know at the Friends of John Muir group on Sierra Club Trails. If there's enough interest, we'll put one together.)


    Uncool for School
    Students across the country have been organizing to protest dirty-coal power on their campuses.

    Why? Because this particular carbon is actually 2dirty4college, a point graphically made in this YouTube video, which you really should not watch if you have a weak stomach. (And don't tell your friends to watch it, either!)

    On the Radio
    This week on Sierra Club Radio:
    1) Tristram Stuart, author of Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal.
    2) Sarah Hodgdon talks with us about her role as the Sierra Club's new Conservation Director
    3) Cassie Gardener
    tells us about a recent international outreach trip in Guatemala and Belize.
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    Wolves are Dying

    Wolves Are Being Killed Now
    Right now wolves are being hunted in Idaho and Montana after being prematurely delisted under an old Bush administration rule.

    Please write to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and ask him to withdraw the delisting rule and write a new one, based on the best available science, which will allow Northern Rockies wolf populations to grow naturally.

    Couch potatoNot Total Couch Potatoes
    If you didn't hear anything last week about the Ken Burns documentary, The National Parks: America's Best Idea, then welcome back -- because you must have been backpacking the John Muir or Appalachian Trail with no access at all to news. While you were gone, the rest of us spent twelve glorious hours rediscovering our co-ownership of a lot of that scenery you just hiked through.

    But we weren't total couch potatoes! More than 100,000 of us became Champions for National Parks by adding our favorite national park to the Sierra Club's Champions list, hosting a house party, adopting a wild place, or sending a message to our U.S. senators asking that America's national parks be protected from the effects of climate change.

    Don't feel left out, though: There's still plenty to see and do at our National Parks page. So bravo, Ken Burns, and bravo, America, for a week of great television.

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    Sierra Club Trails

    The Senate Gets an Act TogetherThe Senate Gets an Act Together
    Thanks to Americans like John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt, our national parks are protected, but that doesn't mean they're safe forever. That's just one reason why the Sierra Club applauds the introduction in the U.S. Senate of the Clean Energy Act. By setting a strong short-term target for carbon-pollution reductions and retaining the EPA's authority to regulate global-warming emissions, the bill will help stop climate change that could result in a Glacier National Park without any glaciers.

    It also represents a step forward to a clean-energy economy that works for everyone -- meaning added jobs and greater security as America becomes more energy independent.

    Let your senators know that you join us in supporting the Clean Energy Act.

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    Shelton JohnsonShelton Johnson's Gloryland
    One of the most eloquent voices in The National Parks: America's Best Idea belongs to Shelton Johnson, the Yosemite park ranger who spoke movingly of the buffalo soldiers and their role in patrolling the newly created Yosemite National Park. We think Shelton stole the show. But did you know that he's also a writer, and that Sierra Club Books has just published his first novel, Gloryland, which is based on the life of a buffalo soldier?

    Here's what Ken Burns had to say about the book: "This is a work of extraordinary imagination and sympathy, a journey from slavery to the mountaintop, perfectly realized, with a voice [that is] new and honest and insightful."

    For a limited time, we're making copies of Gloryland signed by Shelton Johnson available to Insider readers who purchase through the Sierra Club online bookstore. Just enter the code INSIDER at checkout, and you'll also get a ten percent discount (allow a little extra time, though -- these books need to go to Yosemite and back to get signed!).

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    How Green Is Your Money? How
    Regardless of whether you agree it makes the world go 'round, money is something that few of us can afford to ignore. But what does "being green" mean when it comes to cold, hard cash or, for that matter, your 401(k)?

    Take our quiz and tell us how you did in the Green Investing group at Climate Crossroads.

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    Kids + Mountains Inner City Outings= Pride
    This summer, the Sierra Club's Inner City Outings (ICO) program sponsored two national service trips: one to the Marble Mountains of far-northern California, and one to the Club's Clair Tappaan Lodge in the Sierra Nevada.

    "I'd never been to the mountains before, so seeing them and being in them for the first time was mind-blowing," says Kia Lor, one of three Hmong youths from Minnesota who did trail work in the Marble Mountains, part of the Klamath National Forest.

    Kids from Southern California, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Louisville, KY., and the Orlando, FL, area, ranging from 14 to 19 years old, also participated in the service trips.

    Learn more about Inner City Outings and how you can get involved.

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