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Reduce Your Tax Due with Green Incentives
Carbon Cuts in the Heartland
Ken Burns Wants You in His New Movie
Factory Farms Clean Up Their Act with Help from Sierra Club and MTV
Show Us What You are Doing to Cut Carbon Emissions!
Organize or Attend a Step It Up Event
Victory for the Gulf in Louisiana
EXPLORE Take a Trip to the Rockies
ENJOY The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
PROTECT Keep Wolves on the Endangered Species List

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Sierra Club InsiderApril 3, 2007

Keep Your Money Green
Sweating over your taxes? Before you cut that check to Uncle Sam, be sure to learn about the various tax credits and other incentives that can help reduce your tax bill while at the same time encouraging energy conservation. While you're at it, find out how you can spread the word about green tax breaks and help keep our taxes green.

And hey -- that's just one way to you can jumpstart your celebration of Earth Day, April 22. Check out some other ways at Sierra Club's Earth Day website.

An Unprecedented Carbon-Cutting Deal
two windmillsIn a landmark agreement between a major utility and environmentalists, Kansas City Power & Light has reached an accord with the Sierra Club and the Concerned Citizens of Platte County to offset all the carbon emissions from a new power plant.

The settlement -- which could serve as a model for the nation -- calls for investing in wind energy and efficiency, reducing pollution from existing plants, and working toward a 20 percent reduction in the utility's total CO2 emissions by 2020. The Sierra Club's Carl Pope called the agreement "a win for our climate, for the environment, and for the residents of the Kansas City area."

Be a Part of National Park History
Ever thought you or your family could be featured in a documentary on PBS? Ken Burns is famous for films that capture quintessentially American subjects: The Civil War. Jazz. Baseball. And coming in 2008:  America's Best Idea: Our National Parks. Currently, Burns and his collaborator David Drayton are calling for people to submit home movies of their families enjoying national parks from the 1920s through the 1980s for possible use in the film series. If you think you have something that fits the bill, click here to find out more.

Tour de Stench
Not all guided tours go to pretty places. Husband and wife Sierra Club team Aloma and Lee Dew have been leading "Tours de Stench" to factory chicken farms in western Kentucky -- and their most recent tour attracted a contestant from MTV's new reality show I'm from Rolling Stone. Krishtine de Leon was one of six aspiring reporters for Rolling Stone. Her piece on factory farms, "The Dark Side of Kentucky," won the contest. Read the story and learn more about what the Sierra Club is doing to get factory farms to clean up their act.

It Takes 2, Baby
Two what, you ask? Scientists say we can curb global warming and its consequences if we take actions to cut carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050.  That's a do-able 2% percent cut a year for each year, starting in 2007. We all need to pitch in -- you, me, businesses, and government. Send us a photo of what you're doing to cut your carbon emissions, and we'll post it on our Every Day Solutions website.

Don't forget -- It Takes 2.

Step It Up!
Hundreds of rallies and other headline-grabbing events will sweep the country on April 14 as part of Step It Up, the National Day of Climate Action. Sierra Club groups from St. Paul to Albuquerque will help spread the message with concerts, light bulb exchanges, church gatherings, tree plantings, neighborhood walks, you name it -- all to raise awareness of and promote action to meet the challenge of global warming. Find a Step It Up event near you, or learn how you can organize an event of your own!

Gumbo Alliance Wins Big
In a huge victory, a coalition of conservation groups including the Sierra Club, the Coastal Conservation Association, the Gulf Restoration Network, the Louisiana Charter Boat Association, and the Louisiana Shrimp Association (who dubbed themselves "The Gumbo Alliance for Safe LNG"), has stopped a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal that would have seriously threatened Gulf Coast fisheries. Shell Oil's terminal would have run 136 million gallons of Gulf seawater daily through a radiator-like heat exchange system. All life in the water, including fish eggs, larvae and zooplankton, would have been destroyed.

Not a Club Member? Join Now and Help Protect Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Preserve the Places You Love

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Wonderful Wyoming
Backpack the famous Wind River Range or discover Wyoming's best-kept secret, Bridger-Teton National Forest. Not into carrying your gear? Let a kayak do the work on Yellowstone Lake

We have plenty of other trips in the Rockies, so get your Rocky Mountain High this summer!

The Best Thing Since…
Commonsense good ideas sometimes seem in short supply at the highest levels of our government, but there's no shortage if you ask ordinary Americans. That's the premise behind Since Sliced Bread, a website, contest, and now a book of fresh ideas (pdf) that could "strengthen our economy and improve the day-to-day lives of working men and women and their families."
Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope was among the judges who chose the best suggestions from among the 22,000 submitted.

You can download a free sample from the book (pdf) that includes the #1 idea -- a concept near and dear to every environmentalist's heart.


Don't Delist Wolves
The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is proposing removing Endangered Epecies Act protections from the gray wolf in the Northern Rockies. While wolves have done very well under the protections of the Endangered Species Act, the proposal for management by the states of Wyoming and Idaho would place the recovered population back at risk.

Now is not the time to remove ESA protections. Please e-mail the USFWS or write to USFWS, 585 Shepard Way, Helena, Mt 59601 and urge them not to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List.

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