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Sierra Club Currents - Are You Part of the Solution?
Volume VI, #58
Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Quote of Note:

"The use of the word 'judgment' is not a roving license to ignore the statutory text."

-- Supreme Court ruling criticizing the Bush Administration's inaction on global warming

(1) Victory: EPA Must Address Global Warming
(2) Global Warming: Are You Part of the Solution?
(3) Take Action: Save Our Salmon!
(4) Take Action: Stand Up for Clean Water!

(1) Victory: EPA Must Address Global Warming

In its first ruling ever on global warming, the Supreme Court made it clear to the Bush administration and the auto industry that they can no longer block efforts to tackle global warming. In a 5-4 vote, the High Court sided with the Sierra Club, 12 states, 3 cities and the other petitioners in the case by agreeing that carbon dioxide and other global warming pollutants can be regulated under the Clean Air Act. The decision clears the way for the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate global warming pollution. The ruling also gives states a green light in their local efforts to cut emissions from new cars and trucks.

Read more about the decision.

(2) Global Warming: Are you part of the solution?

If you are taking steps to cut your energy use, to be more energy efficient, to make changes in the way you live to help win the fight against global warming - share your story. Visit Apollo's Fire by April 15th and tell your story for a chance to have it included in the upcoming book "Apollo's Fire: Igniting America's Clean Energy Economy." Help show readers across the country that by taking bold, comprehensive action now we can cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. That's a do-able 2% cut a year.

Not yet a part of the 2% solution? Find out what you can do.

(3) Take Action: Save Our Salmon!

ALL of the salmon and steelhead runs in the Snake River are in danger of extinction. It's time to invest our public dollars in programs that work. The Salmon Economic Analysis and Planning Act will make sure that we have the scientific and economic information needed to craft a legal, science-based and fiscally-responsible recovery plan to restore healthy salmon and steelhead populations to our Northwest rivers and West Coast communities.

Tell Congress to act now to save our salmon!

Photo courtesy Matthew Hull.

(4) Take Action: Stand Up for Clean Water!

Recent Supreme Court rulings and ambiguous federal agency guidance has left the scope of the Clean Water Act in question. Polluters and developers are pressuring Congress to remove many of our headwaters, wetlands, streams, rivers, lakes and other waters from legal protection- a move that will leave many of our drinking water sources at risk. Push back - ask Congress to restore the longstanding protections originally intended by the Clean Water Act.

Urge your representative to be an original co-sponsor of the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act!

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