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"Some fear we are entering a new Ice Age. We must demand that more coal be burned to save the Earth from Global Cooling."

-- Don Blankenship, Chairman and CEO of Massey Energy

In this issue:
1) Take Action: Protect Communities from Toxic Coal Ash
2) Take Action: Demand a Strong Clean Energy and Climate Bill
3) Coal: New Clean Up Rules
4) Halloween:  Vampires in Your House?

1) Take Action: Protect Communities from Toxic Coal Ash
CoalWith more than 580 known coal ash sites across the country, the disposal of toxic coal ash is not a state or local issue, but a clear threat to communities across the country. U.S. coal-fired power plants generate over 130 million tons of toxic coal ash annually, and yet there are no specific federal regulations governing its disposal. EPA has committed to filling this decades old gap, but how the agency does so could mean the difference between simply preserving the status quo and creating real protections for communities.

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Tell EPA to regulate coal ash like the hazardous material it is.

2) Take Action: Demand a Strong Clean Energy and Climate Bill!
Last month Senators John Kerry and Barbara Boxer introduced the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act (S.1733). This week the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is holding hearings on the new legislation. Now is your chance to tell the Senate that we want a strong, comprehensive bill that ensures the development of a clean energy economy.

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Contact your Senator

p.s.- You can follow developments from the hearings live on Twitter, @SierraClubLive, or on the Club's Compass blog.  

3) Coal: New Clean Up Rules
CoalThe EPA Friday agreed to put in place new rules to reduce toxic air pollution from coal and other power plants by November 2011. The agreement comes after years of legal wrangling stemming from a Bush administration attempt to exempt power plants from clean up requirements.

The new rules will finally hold polluters accountable and could lead to significant reductions in harmful mercury, soot and other air pollution from coal-fired power plants.

Learn more about the Sierra Club's work to move beyond coal

4) Halloween: Vampires in Your House?
Each year vampires suck $10 billion from American households -- yes, really. Energy vampires, devices that use electricity even when they are turned off, can account for up 20% of your electric bill.

This Halloween eve join National Weatherization Day to help kill energy vampires in your home.

Our handy Halloween Efficiency Flyer makes it easy!

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