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"There are all kinds of different corporate interests that are represented in the U.S. Chamber. What is not represented there is the American worker or the American household…"

-- Massey CEO Don Blakenship

In this issue:
1) Take Action: Support Clean Cars
2) Take Action: You Mayor Can Make a Difference!
3) Dirty Dorm Room? We'll Clean it Up!
4) U.S. Chamber: Major Donations to Lobby Against Climate Bill

1) Take Action: Support Clean Cars 
miles per gallonWhat's the single biggest step we can take to reduce global warming emissions? The answer is requiring our national fleet of vehicles to average 35.5 mpg, which is exactly what the Obama Administration is proposing to do.

Give the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation the support they need to move our vehicle standards out of the 1970s and into the 21st century by sending a comment to the public register today.

Click here to take action!
Send a comment to the public register today!

2) Take Action: You Mayor Can Make a Difference!
Send a letter! Cities across the country are making strides towards a clean energy economy. By signing the Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement 1,013 mayors from across the country have committed to reduce carbon emissions in their cities.

These cities can't do it alone. Congress must pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that will create jobs, increase security, and reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Ask your mayor to send a letter to the Senate, requesting strong federal legislation to protect the climate and jumpstart a clean energy future.

Click here to take action!
Ask your mayor to send a letter to the Senate.

3) Dirty Dorm Room? We'll Clean it Up!
Dirty Dorm RoomKnow a college student? Know a college student with a dirty room? If you're nodding your head yes right now, send them this link, so they can be part of our quest to find the dirtiest room in the nation (or you can take a photo and enter them yourself!). We're betting the dirtiest room we find, no matter how filthy, is still not as dirty as the coal that powers many of our nation's campuses.

The owner of the dirtiest room -- dorm, fraternity, or apartment -- will win a free, green cleaning service from the Sierra Club.

4) U.S. Chamber: Major Donations to Lobby Against Climate Bill?
moneyAn investigation by Greenwire has revealed that while the U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims to represent 3 million members, it's funding comes largely from a small group of very large donors. One such donor, whose name was not made public, was responsible for more than 10 percent of the Chamber's $147 million in revenues. Have those massive donations had any impact on the Chamber’s efforts to defeat a clean energy jobs bill?

That's the question being asked now, especially in light of this summer's defections by PG&E, Exelon, Apple and others over climate policy differences.

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