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"In these tough economic times, it's more important than ever that we invest in renewable energy sources that will create jobs and provide cleaner, more affordable energy for our families and communities. One of the best things we can do to lift ourselves out of a challenging economy today is to invest in a greener, cleaner tomorrow."

-- Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine (D) speaking this week about a plan to expand the region's offshore wind potential

In this issue:
1) Take Action: Fight Attacks on Global Warming Progress
2) Take Action: Contact your Senator to follow up on Copenhagen
3) Coal: Protect Black Lung Still a Problem
4) Climate: Global Warming Spies?

1) Take Action: Fight Attacks on Global Warming Progress
AttacksJust last month President Obama's EPA declared that global warming pollution endangers human health and welfare and announced plans to limit emissions from big polluters. Now this plan is under attack in Congress by Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and other friends of Big Coal and Oil.

On January 20th, the Senate will vote on an amendment from Sen. Murkowski that would block President Obama and the EPA from enforcing any global warming pollution limits under the Clean Air Act -- even for big polluters like coal plants and oil refineries.

We need your help to make sure your Senators vote against this attack on progress to curb global warming.

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Tell your senators to oppose an amendment from Senator Murkowski to stop President Obama from enforcing limits on global-warming pollution

2) Take Action: Contact your Senator to follow up on Copenhagen
Pass a strong energy bill! President Obama took the initiative in Copenhagen and personally negotiated a deal with other world leaders. While the deal is neither perfect, nor complete, it has all the ingredients necessary to construct a final treaty -- a target to limit warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius, nationally appropriate action plans, a mechanism for international climate finance, as well as key provisions to ensure transparency.

Now it is up to the Senate to support President Obama and ensure continued American leadership by passing comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. 

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Tell your Senator to pass a strong bill soon in order to finalize an international climate deal and start building a clean energy economy here at home.

3) Coal: Black Lung Still a Problem
Black LungA report out from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) over the holidays shows that black lung continues to plague coal miners, causing them to die early from coal dust build up in their lungs.

Though regulations are in place to limit miners’ exposure to coal dust, inadequate enforcement, poor reporting on actual dust levels, and increased time in the mines are leading to the continued problem, according to the CDC.

Learn more about the dangers of coal.

4) Climate: Global Warming Spies? 
Top secretUnder a revived program government intelligence gathered by the Central Intelligence Agency will be shared with scientists. The partnership will provide scientists with key data that might otherwise be unobtainable, allowing them to learn more about key issues like ice melt patterns and climate change impacts.

The program, which died out under President Bush, will begin by examining previous projects to see which were most successful.  

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