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January 5, 2010: In This Issue
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    Today's green tip
    Reducing your driving distance by just 15 miles per week will save 900 pounds of carbon emissions annually.

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    Tejon Ranch

    Where the Wild Things Are
    Encompassing four distinct California ecologies, the 422 square miles of Tejon Ranch are a crucial part of the Sierra Club's Resilient Habitats campaign to protect habitat and migration corridors.

    Our interactive map highlights just some of the plants and animals in what has been called Southern California's "Louisiana Purchase."  

    Clark Little

    Amazing Waves
    Jack Johnson's a fan. When you see how Clark Little photographs the waves of Hawaii (from the inside) you will be too.

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    On the Radio
    This week on Sierra Club Radio:
    1) Ashley Judd talks with us about mountaintop-removal coal mining and why she is involved in the fight to stop it 2) Photographer James Balog on his project to show the melting of our glaciers 3) Chef Annie Somerville gives green cuisine tips for spring.

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    Stop the Attack on Climate Progress
    Just last month President Obama's EPA declared that global-warming pollution endangers human health and welfare and announced plans to limit emissions from big polluters. Now this plan is under attack in Congress.

    Tell your senators to oppose an amendment that would stop President Obama from enforcing limits on global-warming pollution.

    Black MountainPlain Speaking from Mountain Men
    Kentucky's highest peak, Black Mountain, straddles the border with Virginia and offers a stark contrast between the two states. Look to Virginia from the summit, and you'll see a landscape devastated by mountaintop-removal coal mining. The Kentucky side, though, is still protected, and The Sierra Club is working with local organizations like Kentuckians for the Commonwealth to keep it that way.

    To see what's at stake, watch the men of Black Mountain tell their stories. Stanley Sturgill, Elmer Lloyd, and Carl Shoupe are former coal miners who don't want to see their side of the mountain destroyed forever. 

    Photo by Mark Schmerling

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    Seattle's New LeadershipBlue Skies and Green Leaders
    Seattle's city hall got a bit greener yesterday as not just one but two former Sierra Club leaders officially took office. Congratulations to new mayor Mike McGinn and new city councilmember Mike O'Brien, who are both former chairs of the Club's Cascade Chapter as well as strong proponents of light rail, public transit, and bicycle commuting.

    As Executive Director Carl Pope noted in his blog after last November's election, "In the Pacific Northwest, it turns out that the pathway to political success lies through the Sierra Club."  


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    Climate Crossroads

    FireplaceKeep a Home Fire Burning?
    Cold winter nights are a tempting reason to light a fire for heat and comfort. But whether you throw a log in the fireplace or use a modern EPA-approved stove, it pays to know the pros and cons of wood-burning. Sierra magazine's Mr. Green has the particulars on particulates in fireplaces, which usually aren't efficient heating sources anyway.

    Wood stoves, however, are another matter. Under the right circumstances, a modern one can be a cheap, relatively low-carbon home-heating source. Sierra Club Green Home's guide to wood and pellet stoves has everything you need to know about the modern home fire.  

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    A Year in YosemiteA Year in Yosemite
    Longtime Los Angeles resident Jamie Simons fell in love with Yosemite on her first visit and convinced her husband and daughter that they should live there -- for a year. Her daughter attends the one-room schoolhouse in Wawona while Jamie writes and her husband longs for noise, fast food, and big city living.  

    In her posts every Tuesday on Sierra Club Trails, Jamie shares the lessons and treasures that come with her decision. In today's post, Jamie writes that she fears her city friends are staging an intervention after hearing her wax eloquent one too many times about the thrill of seeing a deer wandering by her window.

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    Keep it LightPhoto Contest Keeps It "Light"
    Whether it's a reflection, golden rays streaming from a cloud, or bright sun sparkling on a snowy slope, it all has to do with light, which is the theme of January's photo contest on Sierra Club Trails.

    Anyone can submit a photo -- you just need to join the Trails Monthly Photo Contest group (if you haven't already) and upload your one shot that fits the theme best. This month's prize is a Nikon Coolpix P90 12.1 MP. The deadline for submissions is January 15, so join the group and show us your "light" stuff. Need some inspiration? Here are the winning photos from previous contests.

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