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Oil, Coal Lobbyists Behind Big Polluter Bail Out

Washington, D.C.--The Washington Post revealed today that lobbyists for Big Oil and coal are directly involved in efforts to bail out big polluters and gut the Clean Air Act by eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to tackle global warming pollution.  The Sierra Club offered the following comments in response.

Statement of Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director

"We now have proof that lobbyists for Big Oil, dirty coal and other special interests are directly involved in recent attempts to bail out big polluters and gut the Clean Air Act. What's more, these big polluter lobbyists are the same former Bush administration officials who completely disregarded the Clean Air Act and even disobeyed the Supreme Court for years.

"While Big Oil, dirty coal, and other polluters were busy trying to craft backroom deals with their allies in Congress, last month more than 400,000 Americans voiced their support for President Obama's plans to use the Clean Air Act to fight global warming.

"Instead of bailing out big polluters, it's time for Congress to get serious about passing comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. Clean energy and climate legislation can deliver less pollution, more jobs, and greater security."

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