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February 16, 2010: In This Issue

  • Tasty Tips for Food Lovers
  • Honeybees Need Our Help
  • High School Rivals Hit the Trail
  • Love Winter, Hate the Oil Sands!

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  • Today's green tip
    You can get a tax credit by trading in your old refrigerator. Find out how here.

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    Southwest Trips

    Service in the Southwest
    Join us for a volunteer vacation in the Southwest! You'll work alongside park rangers on a variety of behind-the-scenes conservation projects, with plenty of leisure time for hiking, swimming, or exploring.

    Experience culture, conservation projects, and hot springs in northern New Mexico, enjoy service and scenery in Utah's Arches National Park, or discover your inner Indiana Jones on one of two archaeology projects in Dixie National Forest, Utah (one for adults and another for kids, parents, and grandparents too).

    View more service trips, or check out our full list of outings with space available.

    Copyright 2005 Robert Heil

    Parks: Still a Great Idea
    Whether you watched The National Parks: America's Best Idea last fall or are catching the re-airing on PBS right now, why not learn more about the film, the parks, and how you can visit them?

    We've got trips, tips, and clips right here. They're our parks -- let's make the most of them!

    Photo credit: Copyright 2005 Robert Heil, courtesy Sierra Club Library

    On the Radio
    This week on Sierra Club Radio:
    1) Authors Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie talk about their new book, Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Secret Danger of Everyday Things 2) Chef Annie Somerville gives green cuisine tips 3) Avital Binshtock, Sierra magazine's lifestyle editor, talks about green-themed movies.

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    Support Green Jobs

    Support Jobs and Save Energy Congress is drafting legislation meant to jump-start our economy and put America back to work. Supporting home-energy retrofits both creates green jobs and promotes energy efficiency.

    Contact your senators today and urge them to help you invest in energy efficiency in your home.

    Trail mixTasty Tips for Food Lovers
    Shakespeare was wrong. Music isn't the food of love; food is the food of love, and with Valentine's Day just past, it's time to talk about some treats that are neither chocolate nor heart-shaped.

    Start with the Climate Crossroads Green Cuisine page, where you'll find recipes for everything from sardine sandwiches to blueberry gingerbread. Then see our cool photo map of farmers' markets around the country that will make you yearn for spring. Next, follow the adventures of Crossroads Curator as he curbs his carbon by cutting the carne

    If you're hiking a new route you discovered on Sierra Club Trails, you'll benefit from the research of our intrepid taste testers, who worked their way through many a bag of organic trail mix to tell you which brands are most likely to delight your tastebuds.

    And lastly, if you listen to Sierra Club Radio (which is easy to do with our free podcast), then you've heard Greens restaurant chef Annie Sommerville offer many a green-cooking tip. Well, now you can watch Annie work her culinary magic in a series of videos she's made just for us. Start with this one about an easy way to prepare one of our favorite root veggies

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    Honey BeeUm, What if Bees Can't Do It?
    Still hungry? Then think about this: Without the honeybees that pollinate one-third of U.S. crops, those of us who enjoy eating would be in a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, "colony collapse disorder" has decimated honeybee populations, and no one knows for sure what's causing it. One possible factor, as documented in the film Nicotine Bees, is nicotinyl insecticides (also known as neonicotinoids). Now, huge agribusiness corporations have acquired patents to coat their proprietary seeds with these neonicotinoids, which are extremely persistent and end up in pollen and in droplets of water on leaves.

    The Sierra Club Genetic Engineering Action Team (one of the many teams in our new Activist Network) has asked the EPA to suspend use of nicotinyl insecticides until it can obtain scientific evidence that their effects are not causing harm to America's honeybees. So far, the EPA has declined to act. You can help by sending a message to Congress

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    Sierra Club Trails

    Crenshaw and Dorsey A Team of Rivals in Hiking Boots
    They're arch enemies on the football field and in the streets, but students at Crenshaw and Dorsey high schools in Los Angeles are now hiking together and working as a team to restore local parks. The mash-up was recently featured in the L.A. Times, and the guy who made it happen -- Crenshaw Eco Club advisor Bill Vanderberg -- is a hero in the eyes of the Sierra Club.

    His good work, supported by our Building Bridges to the Outdoors program, has been trumpeted by Sierra magazine as an excellent example of how introducing urban kids to the great outdoors can change lives. Go Crenshaw! Go Dorsey! Go Bill!

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    Love Winter Hate Oil Sands The Dirtiest Fuel on Earth
    Canada's oil sands yield the dirtiest fuel in the world, producing three times as much global-warming pollution as conventional oil. On top of that, the extraction and production process requires clear-cutting ancient forests and leaves behind toxic lakes that are so large they can be seen from space.

    The Sierra Club and its partners are working to stop a sprawling network of pipelines that would carry this dirty oil into the United States. Help us stop this terrible idea before it's too late. By denying permits for oil-sands pipelines, we can signal to the world that America is a global leader in the clean-energy economy.

    Send a letter to President Obama and get a free "Love Winter Hate the Oil Sands" sticker.

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