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"It sets a clear path for the region."

-- Melinda Eden, one of the Oregon members of the four-state council Northwest Power and Conservation Council who's recent plan finds that the Northwest can meet its future power needs without coal

In this issue:
1) Take Action: Support Jobs and Save Energy
2) Take Action: Save the Winter Olympics, Say No to Oil Sands!
3) Go Green: We're Making It Easy
4) Oil: Thousands Protest Offshore Drilling

1) Take Action: Support Jobs and Save Energy
Energy meterCongress is drafting legislation meant to jump start our economy and put America back to work. As they do this, we need investments in energy efficiency in our homes through home energy retrofitting.

Renovating our homes saves money, and puts people back to work. Saving energy is also one of the fastest and cheapest ways to cut global warming pollution.

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Contact your senators today and urge them to help you invest in energy efficiency in your own home.

Love Winter Hate Oil Sands2) Take Action: Save the Winter Olympics, Say No to Oil Sands!
All across the world, people are coming together to watch the winter Olympics. At the same time Canada is proudly displaying itself as a winter wonderland, it is pursuing a dirty oil sands project, forming an energy policy that will accelerate global warming and destroy winter snowpack -- and with it, the future of sports like skiing and snowboarding. Right now the oil industry is trying to get a presidential permit to transport this oil into the U.S. through a new pipeline.

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Tell President Obama that Canada's oil sands threaten our clean energy future.


Green Groceries3) Go Green: We're Making It Easy
Climate Crossroads has teamed up with Good Guide to create a brand new feature providing environmental information on consumer products. This widget sorts out food choices from butter to yogurt with information based on social, environmental and health ratings from Good Guide's research team.

Grab the code and place the widget on your site, or bookmark this page for future reference. We're making it easy to be a healthy and green in 2010.

4) Oil: Thousands Protest Offshore Drilling
More than 10,000 people gathered Saturday at 83 events along Florida's coastline, like the one at Key West to protest proposed oil drilling off Florida's shores. The events come as additional oil exploration proposals make their way through the legislative process in the both the US Senate and Florida Legislature.Key West Hands

The first Hands Across the Sand event featured Floridians linked hand in hand along the state's numerous beaches demonstrating the united, bi-partisan opposition of the state's coastal communities to any drilling off Florida’s beaches.

Sierra Club and more than 50 groups including environmentalists, chambers of commerce and elected officials from both parties participated.

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