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"Now, it's never been a personal thing and I'm not sure why you're trying to make it a personal issue. But it's not a personal thing. It never has been. I was somebody who didn't want you fired."

-- Fox News host Glen Beck to Van Jones

In this issue:
1) Take Action: No U.S. Taxpayer Money for New Dirty Coal Plants in South Africa
2) Take Action: Support Transportation Solutions in Cean Energy Legislation
3) New Book: Hispanics Living Green
4) Sneak Peak: New Series on Discovery Channel

1) Take Action: No U.S. Taxpayer Money for New Dirty Coal Plants in South Africa
South AfricaThe World Bank will soon make a decision whether or not to fund a massive new coal plant in Sourth Africa. If built the plant would be one of the largest in the world, spewing tens of millions of tons of global warming pollution into the air every year. The company proposing the plant plans to double its household electic rates in order to repay the loans while providing heavily subsidized power to polluting industries.

As the largest funder of the World Bank the U.S. can stop this dirty project when it comes up for a vote this month.

Click here to take action!
Tell U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to ensure the U.S. votes against any World Bank loans for dirty coal.

2) Take Action: Support Transportation Solutions in Clean Energy Legislation
Oil BarrelIn the United States, our auto-dependent transportation sector consumes nearly 14 million barrels of oil a day and emits roughly 1/3rd of all our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. That's why it is essential that the Senate consider strong transportation provisions, like the CLEAN TEA bill, as they tackle energy and climate legislation.

CLEAN TEA would require states and cities to create transportation plans and identify ways to reduce global warming pollution. It would also provide funding from the clean energy bill to help them complete the plans.

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Ask your senator to cosponsor CLEAN TEA (S. 575)!


3) New Book: Hispanics Living Green
Hispanics Living GreenCheck out the new book Hispanics Living Green, with 14 inspirational stories about people taking steps to live in harmony with Earth. Several Sierra Club staff and volunteers are featured in the book, including Sierra Club bilingual columnist Javier Sierra, Building Bridges to the Outdoors activist Juan Martinez, Florida activist Blanca Mesa, Albuquerque staffer Kristina Ortez, and El Paso activists Ximena and Priscila Chew. 

Carl Pope wrote the foreword to the book.

4) Sneak Peek: New Series on Discovery Channel
WildLIFEFrom the makers of the hit TV series Planet Earth comes a new 11- part special series, Life. Narrated by Oprah Winfrey, the Discovery Channel series is an inspiring and visually stunning exploration of the miraculous adaptations that species have evolved over millennia in order to survive.

Be among the first to see footage from this incredible documentary by holding a house party and inviting at least three friends to attend.

Sign up by March 10 to receive a free sneak-peek DVD to show at your house party. After watching the DVD, you and your guests will talk about what you learned and then write letters calling for the protection of wildlife and wild places from the effects of climate change.

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