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March 16, 2010: In This Issue

  • A Rising Star and a Fallen Giant
  • The Best Internship on Earth
  • Stand Up for Clean Air
  • How Green Is Your Beer?
  • Hispanics Living Green

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  • Today's green tip
    Go solar! Plenty of rebate programs can alleviate the initial financial pain.

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    Family Adventures

    Family-Fun Adventures
    Looking to bond with your children this summer? Sierra Club family trips are filled with fun activities to keep kids (and adults) entertained from breakfast to bedtime. All you need to do is book your trip -- we'll do the planning!

    Enjoy a music festival and day hikes in California's Bear Valley, assist with an archaeological dig in Utah's Dixie National Forest, or raft rivers and paddle across mountain lakes in New York's Adirondacks Park.

    View more family outings or a full list of Sierra Club trips with space available.     

    Interested in local hikes? Find one here
    In the News
    The Sierra Club was nominated in Treehugger's Best of Green 2010 Readers' Choice Awards as "Best Watchdog Organization."

    We were hoping for "Fashion and Beauty," but we'll take it -- and we'd appreciate your vote!


    Don't Choke in the Kitchen
    Greens restaurant Executive Chef Annie Somerville demonstrates how to cook artichokes to perfection in this exclusive video.

    Join the Green Cuisine group on Climate Crossroads and we'll keep your larder stocked with recipes, tips, and how-to videos. 

    On the Radio
    1) The mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, talks with us about biking to work, keeping chickens behind the mayor's residence, and why Portland needs to move beyond dirty coal 2) Green Cuisine tips from Chef Annie Somerville 3) Cindy Ortega on the greening of the MGM Mirage Casino in Las Vegas.

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    Mountain Stream

    Life Needs a Place to Live
    We're excited to see the new Discovery series, LIFE, next week. But although our planet's amazing wildlife have adapted in stunning and amazing ways over millions of years, climate change is too big of a challenge for them to face on their own.

    Sign our petition to protect wildlife habitat from climate change.

    WayburnA Rising Star and a Fallen Giant
    Michael Brune, the Sierra Club's new executive director, started work on Monday with words of praise -- and a challenge -- for volunteers, supporters, and staffers alike. He acknowledged the Club's "pivotal role in many of the most important environmental victories over the past century." And then he added, "As effective as the organization has been over the past 118 years, we need to do our best work in the years ahead. The challenges -- and opportunities -- are too great."

    For many of us, rising to meet Michael's challenge will mean trying to follow more closely in the footsteps of Dr. Edgar Wayburn, the former Sierra Club president, who died on March 5 at his home in San Francisco at the age of 103. When awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dr. Wayburn in 1999, President Clinton said, "He has saved more of our wilderness than any person alive." He wasn't exaggerating.

    If you don't know about Dr. Wayburn's astounding conservation achievements -- he led campaigns that preserved more than 100 millions acres of wild lands -- be sure to read the profile written for his 100th birthday. And this volunteer superhero did it all while also working full-time as a physician.  He left an amazing legacy for us to live up to.

    Photo of Dr. Edgar Wayburn by Anne Hamersky

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    The Best Internship on EarthWho'll Get the Best Internship on Earth?
    Annie wants to test her mind, body, and spirit. Jonathan will share his skills as a natural-born leader. Sarah wants to connect with the enlightenment one finds in the natural world, Madeleine will inspire others to help the planet, and Christian will introduce youth to outdoor places they might not otherwise see.

    All five -- and dozens of others -- have submitted video applications for "The Best Internship on Earth" -- eight weeks of hiking, paddling, and enjoying the outdoors with the Sierra Club's youth programs. The job comes with a $2,500 stipend and $2,000 worth of gear from The North Face and Planet Explore. The intern will spend the summer adventuring and video-blogging about the experience while the rest of us follow along.

    If you're 18 to 25 years old, apply before March 31! If you're not, pass it along to someone who is. Either way, the video applications are playful, earnest, and inspiring -- see for yourself.  

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    Sierra Club Trails

    Clean American Power Stand Up for Clean Air
    Right now, 127 million Americans are at risk for respiratory problems because they live in counties that don't meet at least one national air-quality standard. The EPA has taken steps to change this by proposing tougher standards for ozone pollution -- the main component of smog, which can reduce respiratory function, aggravate asthma, and cause permanent lung damage. Unsurprisingly, Big Oil and Dirty Coal are fighting hard to protect the unhealthy status quo.

    But Sierra Club volunteers are fighting back today at "I Heart Clean Air" rallies and events across the country to give the EPA the public support it needs to stand up to big polluters. You can add your voice to the movement for strong standards that will protect our air and our health. Take a deep breath and send your public comment to the EPA now
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    Green Beer How Green Is Your Beer?
    Green-colored beer may be a slightly cheesy St. Patrick's Day tradition, but a brew that's crafted and distributed with respect for the environment is the kind of green we're happy to toast. We've distilled just about everything we know about truly green beer (and beer-drinking) into our latest "How Green Is My?" quiz. Think you're up to the challenge? Then hop to it!

    Don't like beer? Sample one of our other quizzes.

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    Electric car Hispanics Living Green
    A new book called Hispanics Living Green, by Sharon T. Freeman, details fourteen inspirational stories about people taking steps to live in harmony with the earth.

    Several Sierra Club staff and volunteers are featured in the book, including bilingual columnist Javier Sierra (follow his new Twitter feed at Javier_SC), youth activist Juan Martinez, Florida activist Blanca Mesa, Albuquerque staffer Kristina Ortez, and El Paso activists Ximena and Priscila Chew. Sierra Club chairman Carl Pope contributed the book's foreword.

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