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April 13, 2010: In This Issue
  • How Green Is Your State?
  • Your Green Hawaii Vacation
  • Our First iPhone App
  • Good News and Bad News
  • Good Jobs and Green Jobs
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    Today's green tip
    Going to the movies? Bike there. After all, you'll be sitting down for the whole film!

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    Go East

    East Coast Adventures
    Who says the West is best? Our East Coast outings offer countless reasons to reconsider that claim -- from the Florida Keys, all they way up to Maine and even Nova Scotia.

    Join us in Maine for family base-camping in Acadia National Park, in Virginia for dayhikes and fall foliage in the Shenandoahs, or Rhode Island for wildlife habitat restoration at a private bird sanctuary.

    Check out a full list of great Sierra Club outings with space available.
    In the News
    Watch Executive Director Michael Brune make a forceful case on CNN for achieving energy independence and economic vitality by investing in clean energy instead of drilling our coasts. Michael Brune

    Hike and Win!

    Hike, Click, and Win
    If you love to hike and know how to press a shutter button, this month's Trails photo contest offers you a reall shot at winning a spiffy Garmin GPS with a built-in camera. Just enter your best photo on the theme of "spring" that was taken on any trail that's been profiled in our trail wiki (Have a shot from a different trail? Be the first to profile it on our wiki!)

    Get the details and check out the submissions so far -- the deadline for entering is right around the corner: April 16.

    On the Radio
    1) Tom Rooney, CEO of SPG Solar, one of the nation's largest solar integrators 2) Cara Longpre on why you should take the Sierra Club's "Eco Hero" pledge for Earth Day 3) National conservation news update from Sarah Hodgdon.

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    Speak Up!

    Speak Up for Energy Independence!
    The Sierra Club is joining forces with organizations across the country to demand that the U.S. Senate stop stalling and start acting on clean energy and climate solutions for America.

    Become a Clean Energy Patriot by signing the petition to declare your energy independence and demand action on climate legislation today!

    How Green Is Your State? How Green is Your State?
    Earth Day's next Thursday, and thousands of Americans are celebrating by pledging to do at least one simple thing to help the environment.

    As pledges come in from around the country, the Sierra Club's Earth Day map shows how green each state is compared with all the others (based on population).

    Want to know how green your stateis? Check the map!


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    HawaiiCelebrate Earth Day with Green Aloha
    As thanks for making an Earth Day pledge, you'll be entered to win a trip for two to one of Earth's most beautiful places: the Big Island of Hawaii. Sorry, Elvis: This trip's more green than Blue Hawaii. The lucky winners will spend five nights at the Mauna Lani hotel (called one of the top "Earth-friendly getaways" by Conde Nast Traveler) and also get a guided trip to Volcanoes National Park.

    True fact: Sierra Club founder John Muir himself once visited Hawaii, but he brought back plant specimens rather than a ukulele.


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     Sierra Club Trails

    Your Pocket Eco Hero Your iPhone Eco Hero
    Tired of playing Doodle Jump on your iPhone? Download our new free Eco Hero app. You can use it to make an Earth Day pledge (and be entered to win the trip to Hawaii) with just a few finger taps. You can also see where other Eco Heroes around the country are pledging.

    If things look slow in your part of the country,  you can share the Eco Hero app with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

    Just be sure to remove your Eco Hero cape before you hit the beach in Hawaii!

    P.S. Eco Hero works on iPads, too!
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    Good News and Bad News Good Rules, Bad Drilling, and Better Mileage
    The Obama administration made three big announcements this month that will affect the clean-energy future of the United States. The bad news: Some sensitive coastal areas will be left open for offshore oil drilling.

    As Sierra Club Chairman Carl Pope wrote in an analysis on his blog, that decision temporarily overshadowed the very good news released at almost the same time that passenger vehicles will be required to average 35.5 miles per gallon and emit no more than 250 grams per mile of CO2 by 2016.

    Then, last week, we got still more good news: The EPA announced new rules that set clear standards for measuring water pollution from coal mines -- standards that could effectively end mountaintop-removal mining.

    Want to let the Administration know what you think about these issues? Use our Action Center to send a message about offshore drilling, clean-car standards, or coal pollution.

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    Green Jobs Green Jobs are Good Jobs
    The next Good Jobs Green Jobs National Conference will be May 4-6 in Washington, D.C., and the Sierra Club's a sponsor. Why? Green jobs are key to America's clean-energy future! The conference includes a Green Innovation Expo that's free and open to anyone who's interested in sustainability and green jobs.

    Can't make it this year? Watch our video featuring EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson at last year's conference.  



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    Worms How to Train Your Wrigglies
    Worm bins are a great way to turn food waste from your kitchen into high-quality compost for your garden. Some people get very attached to the industrious little red worms who do the dirty work. But before you begin your own adventure in vermiculture, check out the starter tips posted in the "I Love to Garden!" group on Climate Crossroads. 

    Do you know whether your worms will thrive equally well on oranges as on bananas? We've got the answer.
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     Climate Crossroads


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