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Sierra Club InsiderMay 1, 2007

10 Steps to a Green Wedding
MarriageSpring is here, love's in the air and, like a horse and carriage.... well, you get the idea. Every engaged couple wants their wedding day to be a special celebration that reflects who they are and what they care about.

Going green is a great way to make the festivities unique and meaningful -- and show friends and family just how fun, beautiful, and delicious a sustainable lifestyle can be.

Here are ten tips from The Green Life.

Meet the Climate Change Brain Trust
Climate Change ForumLast December, an extraordinary group of individuals (scientist, industrialist, venture capitalist, politician, "recovering" politician and former Presidential candidate) gathered in San Francisco at the behest of the Sierra Club for a daylong forum on climate change -- with a focus on outlining recommendations that could be translated into a plan of action for global-warming solutions.

You can read Marilyn Berlin Snell's feature story for Sierra magazine on this enlightening "Climate Exchange" and the ideas it generated, and also watch video clips of some of the most interesting moments.

 Sierra Students Are Doing It
KyotoNOWKyotoNOW!, a Cornell University campus group run by Sierra Student Coalition organizers Katherine McEachern and Carlos Rymer, won MTV’s "Break the Addiction" global warming challenge for their work to make the Cornell campus climate-neutral. KyotoNOW! got more than 4,700 people (including the president of the university) to sign a petition to create a climate-neutral campus. They also proposed an initiative to raise student activities fees by five dollars to offset some of the costs of making the campus climate-neutral. Their grand prize included an eco-renovation for their student center and a special appearance on MTV's TRL show.

If you're a student or know one who might be interested in learning how to become a Sierra Student Coalition organizer, check out the SSC's Student Environmental Leadership Training Programs.   

Campfires in Their Future
Operation PurpleThe great outdoors can play an important role in helping children get through tough stuff in their lives. That's why the Sierra Club has donated $1 million to the National Military Family Association's Operation Purple, a summer camp for soldiers' kids, like those you see here.

The Club's contribution means that 1,000 more children of deployed service members will experience the healing power of Mother Nature.

Some Like It RAW
RAWWhich rock star had the pleasure of hearing White House chief political strategist Karl Rove scream "Don't touch me" after she asked him to take a fresh look at the science of global warming?  Readers of the Sierra Club's RAW email newsletter know the answer. Every week, they can look forward to a short, tart take on the latest environmental news.

If you're ready for the uncooked truth, subscribe to RAW.

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Family Vacation Plan
Why should the kids have all the fun at summer camp when you could join them? Hike and kayak in Washington's North Cascades (bug juice optional), snorkel Hawaii's warm waters, or clear hiking trails at the Clair Tappaan Lodge, and you can bring the whole clan. Sierra Club Outings family trips welcome children as young as two!

All told, we offer more than 20 family trips this summer, so you're bound to find one that's right for you.

Family Trips
Meet Mr. Green
He's a man with the environmental mojo of Al Gore, the zeal of Richard Simmons, and the savvy of a riverboat pilot (perhaps Mark Twain, with whom we suspect he'd get along famously).

We're talking about Mr. Green (aka Bob Schildgen), who answers eco questions in each issue of Sierra magazine. Because the wit and wisdom of Mr. Green are natural forces that can't be contained by the pages of one magazine, he answers even more questions on-line and on Sierra Club Radio each week.

Listen to him sort out a marital argument over fluorescent lights.(mp3)

Mr. Green


Raise Fuel Economy Standards
Raising fuel-economy standards for cars and trucks is the single biggest step we can take toward oil independence and cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

It will also save us money at the pump. Legislation currently before Congress would increase fuel-economy standards by four percent per year for the next ten years.

The technology to make such changes exists. All that's lacking is the will.

Tell your Representative to support the Markey-Platts Fuel Economy Reform Act and tell your Senators to increase fuel-economy standards to 35 miles per gallon by 2019.
Gas Prices

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