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Sierra Club Currents - Secretly Shipping Toxic Waste
Volume VI, #62
Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Quote of Note:

"This is a mammoth undertaking. It doesn't end today. Global warming, climate change is one of the biggest ecological threats the environment has ever faced, and it's going to require work every day, every week, every month and every year."

-- Canadian Environment Minister John Baird, announcing a series of greenhouse gas emissions cuts for the country's industrial sector.

(1) Army: Secretly Shipping Toxic Waste
(2) Energy: Green Pepsi?
(3) Take Action: Fight Global Warming -- Oppose Liquid Coal!
(4) Take Action: Incentives for Efficiency!

(1) Army: Secretly Shipping Toxic Waste

Hazardous WasteAn Army plan to ship toxic chemical waste from a stockpile in Indiana to Texas for incineration is coming under fire from the Sierra Club, the Chemical Weapon Working Group and other concerned citizens. Not only has the Army failed to notify affected communities of the plan, insiders have also disclosed that the waste being shipped is more hazardous than the Army is revealing, increasing the health risk to an unknowing public.

Find out about other toxic risks and what you can do to protect yourself.

(2) Energy: Green Pepsi?

Green PepsiIn the largest ever corporate green power purchase, PepsiCo has committed to purchase 100 percent green power, more than 1.1 billion kWh. That's enough to power 90,000 average American homes each year. Though Crystal Clear Pepsi didn't quite catch on in the 1990's, Pepsi's new move to go green is a sure hit as people realize that greening our culture is good for our economy and our communities.

Learn more about green energy.

(3) Take Action:Fight Global Warming -- Oppose Liquid Coal!

Oppose Liquid CoalThis week the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee is considering an energy bill package. Unfortunately, some committee members have hinted they will try to tack on an amendment that would establish a new massively polluting industry to convert coal into liquid transportation fuel. This liquid coal will create almost double the global warming emissions per gallon as regular gasoline. At a time when we need to be solving global warming, liquid coal is a bad deal.

Fight Global Warming-Tell your Senator to Oppose Liquid Coal!

(4) Take Action: Incentives for Efficiency!

EfficiencyIncreasing our nation's energy efficiency is good for our economy and good for our environment. Now is the time to move quickly and decisively to reduce our use of fossil fuels by extending tax incentives for energy efficiency. Making buildings more efficient will reduce electricity and natural gas use in our homes and offices, and reduce need for expensive new power plants. Energy efficiency is the quickest, cleanest, and cheapest way to fight global warming.

Tell your Senator to cosponsor the Energy Efficiency Incentives Act!

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