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May 8, 2010

Contact: David Graham-Caso (in New Orleans)
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Sierra Club, Fishing Industry, Local Leaders Rally in New Orleans

Call for BP Disaster Response, Clean Energy

New Orleans - Today, the Sierra Club joined with fishing industry representatives, Gulf Coast leaders, and a crowd of concerned citizens at a rally in support of Gulf Coast communities impacted by the BP Disaster. 

"We are here to urge that President Obama dedicate every necessary resource his disposal to contain the well and stop the flow of oil," said Sierra Club president Allison Chin. "We need to clean up this disaster. The people who live in the Gulf Coast are looking at sweeping job losses and a destroyed ecosystem."

Sierra Club is calling on BP to bear the full burden of clean up, restoration, and economic losses in Gulf Coast fishing and tourism industries.

"BP must be held accountable for their negligence. They must pay the full cost of the clean up. BP must pay for the damage they've done to fishing, tourism, and coastal communities. We are here to ensure that this never, ever happens again," Chin told the New Orleans crowd.  "This is America’s wake up call. We can't continue with business as usual."

The New Orleans rally was one of a series of events planned around the country calling on BP to clean up the disaster and demanding an end to new offshore drilling. Citizens have already turned out for rallies in Florida, Virginia, Seattle, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Houston.

"Offshore drilling is dirty and dangerous. This disaster could happen in Virginia, or California, or anywhere offshore oil rigs are allowed. We need an end to all new drilling off America's coasts. But that's not enough," said Chin. "We need our leaders to deliver a plan to get America off of oil and onto a clean, efficient, 21st century transportation system. We need to clean up the Gulf Coast, and we need to clean up America’s energy."

*****For b-roll of the disaster, as well as clean energy alternatives, go to:


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