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May 11, 2010: In This Issue
  • The BP Oil Disaster
  • The Danger to Wildlife
  • Write a Bike Haiku and Win!
  • Michael Brune Live Chat
  • Meet the 10 Best Intern Finalists
  • Our Favorite Fake Meat
  • Green Cookware
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    Today's green tip
    Ride your bike to the office. You'll save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and get a great energy boost in the morning.

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    Sierra Club Outings

    Backpacking without the Pack
    Want to cover a lot of territory without carrying a lot of gear? Try one of our supported treks. Pack animals or vans transport food and equipment from camp to camp, allowing you to roam the wilderness with just a daypack.

    Wander California's Emigrant Wilderness, day-hike between cozy huts in New Hampshire's White Mountains, or learn about wildfires and smokejumping in the rugged Montana wilderness.

    Check out more than 200 great Sierra Club Outings with space available.
    In the News
    Watch Executive Director Michael Brune on The Rachel Maddow Show last week talk about the impact of the oil disaster in the Gulf and why the industry can't be trusted to regulate itself. 


    How to Shoot a Giraffe
    Wildlife and nature films are hugely popular, but they're also a business. Chris Palmer's Shooting in the Wild, just published by Sierra Club Books, explores the dark side of the genre and also profiles a new breed of ethical filmmakers whose work enlightens as well as entertains.

    If you've ever been thrilled by stunning footage of nature in action, you need to read what Jane Goodall calls "a very important and much-needed book."

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    On the Radio
    1) Update on the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf Coast: Conservation Director Sarah Hodgdon and Mississippi Chapter Director Louie Miller 2) Sandra Steingraber, author of Living Downstream: An Ecologist's Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment 2) Stewart Boss, a freshman at University of North Carolina, talks with us about a recent big victory to get UNC to move beyond coal and towards clean energy.

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    Stop the Pipeline

    Stop the Tar Sands
    Even as the struggle to stop the flow of oil from the BP disaster continues the Department of State is considering a new pipeline to bring tar sands oil to the U.S.

    Please urge the State Department to say no to the Keystone XL pipeline and the world's dirtiest fuel.

    Say No to Tar Sands Oil!

    BP Oil DisasterCleaning Up after the Unthinkable
    The destruction of BP's oil rig has devastated the communities of the Gulf and created an overwhelming ecological disaster. Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, who was on the scene in the Gulf last week, described it in the L.A. Times:

    "…an endless explosion of toxic muck, a sickening creep of poisonous sludge that may soon blanket a national park, more than a dozen wildlife refuges and hundreds of miles of coastline…"

    What can we do about it?

    Already, more than 60,000 Sierra Club supporters have taken action online to demand a moratorium on offshore drilling and to call on the government to use all resources necessary to support Gulf Coast communities and ecosystems.

    Meanwhile, Sierra Club President Allison Chin was in New Orleans last weekend for the first of dozens of "Clean It Up" solidarity rallies around the country to support Gulf Coast residents and demand accountability from BP. Here's where to find a rally near you.

    Finally, we can demand that our leaders deliver a plan to get us off oil by promoting clean-energy solutions. The technology and solutions for a 21st-century transportation system already exist -- we just need the political will to implement them.

    Image Credit: U.S. Coast Guard/Justin Stumberg
    BP Oil Disaster ImpactsOil and Birds Don't Mix
    All kinds of wildlife -- from shrimp to whales -- will be devastated by toxic crude that's now washing ashore in the Gulf, and the disaster happened at the worst possible time for the millions of birds that pass through the region during their spring migration.

    On Sierra Club Trails, birder and blogger Phil Eager has written about how the disaster will affect both resident and migratory birds, along with offering some suggestions for how to help.

    Image Credit: Gerald Herbert/AP

    Sierra Club Trails

    Win a Free BikeSpeak Up for Spokes and Win a Two-Wheeler
    One key feature of a 21st-century transportation system is making it easier for people to push bike pedals instead of gas pedals. Since May is "Bike to Work Month," the Bicycle group at Climate Crossroads is celebrating with a special Bike-ku photo contest where the grand prize is a snazzy Uptown 8 bicycle from Breezer. Runners-up will score a Kryptonite lock or Nutcase helmet.

    Feeling creative? You could win a bike! Just snap a photo and write 17 syllables of velo love



    Join the Discussion with Michael BruneDaily kos
    On Thursday, May 13 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. ET, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune will take live questions on the homepage of powerhouse political web site Daily Kos. With proposed climate legislation scheduled to be introduced this week and the Gulf of Mexico still reeling from the BP Oil Disaster, expect a healthy discussion about clean energy solutions.

    This is the perfect time to log on and ask questions. Be sure to register today at so you can ask questions on Thursday.


    Meet the Top 10 And Then There Were 10...
    In March, we launched The Best Internship on Earth, calling all students who love the outdoors to apply for the chance to spend a summer traveling around the country with the Sierra Club's youth programs: Building Bridges to the Outdoors, Inner City Outings, and Volunteer Vacations. The intern will get all-expenses-paid travel, a stipend, and $2,000 worth of gear from The North Face and Planet Explore.

    After reviewing more than 800 video applications, we've now narrowed it down to just 10 -- based on a mix of criteria, ranging from camera charisma to storytelling abilities, eco-enthusiasm to raw creative oomph.

    Watch their 90-second videos and tell us who you think should get The Best Internship on Earth!


    Veggie BurgerSteak and Fake
    We know that many legume-loving vegetarians can't stand the smell of sirloin. But we also know most Americans who bite into a veggie burger are hoping it will taste like ground round.

    With that in mind, Sierra magazine corralled a panel of professional carnivores and asked them to name their favorite meat substitutes.

    They didn't mince words.

    Calling the Kettle GreenGreen Cookware
    Which kinds of cookware are healthiest for you and the environment?

    Jennifer Schwab of Sierra Club Green Home ran down the options for pots, pans, and microwavable containers in a segment on Good Morning America last week.



    Climate Crossroads

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