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May 25, 2010: In This Issue
  • No End in Sight 
  • Thanks, Rush!
  • An 11-Year Old Eco Hero
  • Michael Brune's New Blog
  • Meet Robin Mann
  • Stop Mountaintop-Removal Mining
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    Buy paper made from hemp instead of trees!

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    Take a Hike!

    Take a Hike!
    You don't really need an excuse to take a hike, but here's one anyway: Saturday, June 5, is National Trails Day. With more than 1,000 trails listed in our Sierra Club Trails community, there's probably one that's just right for you. And you don't have to go all the way to Yosemite or Yellowstone -- here are ten great trails in major urban areas.
    In the News
    Michael Brune appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews last week to discuss Rush Limbaugh, BP's response to the disaster, and why offshore oil drilling makes no sense. 

    Win this bike!

    Ride a Bike!
    Only a few days are left in the Climate Crossroad's Bicycle group's Bike Haiku contest. You still have until Friday if you want a chance to win a Breezer commuter bike, Nutcase helmet, or Kryptonite lock. Just write 17 syllables and post a photo.

    One place a bike can't take you, though, is on the water, so be sure to enter Sierra magazine's fourth annual Paddlesports contest, where you could win a kayak and other prizes (without having to write anything more creative than your name and address).

    On the Radio
    1) Jason Kibbey, Founder and CEO of Pact, an organic cotton underwear company, talks about green apparel 2) Christopher Greenslate, co-author of On a Dollar a Day: One Couple's Unlikely Adventures in Eating in America 3) Vanessa Woods, author of Bonobo Handshake, talks with us about endangered bonobos.

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    No More Offshore Oil Drilling

    Chill the Drills
    In light of the BP oil disaster, President Obama called for a timeout on new offshore drilling -- but he didn't include America's Arctic. In less than 60 days, Shell Oil is slated to begin exploratory drilling -- the riskiest kind -- in America's fragile Arctic Ocean.

    Please ask Interior Secretary Salazar to put a halt to Arctic Ocean drilling this summer.

    Dying HeronOne Month Later -- No End in Sight
    The Deepwater Horizon oil-rig explosion happened more than a month ago, but there's still no known solution for the leaking oil, nor is it clear whether BP will be held fully accountable for the devastation to the Gulf ecosystems and communities.

    Just how bad is it? These pictures speak louder than anything we could say.

    Visit our website to follow the latest developments and send a message to President Obama asking him to end offshore oil drilling and protect our coasts.


    Image Credit: Gerald Herbert/AP

    Thanks, Rush!Thank You, Mr. Limbaugh!
    When radio host Rush Limbaugh blamed the Sierra Club for the devastating BP oil spill and suggested that we "pick up the tab" for the cleanup, people definitely responded -- with donations!

    That's great -- but since when did Rush Limbaugh settle for merely great? Wouldn't he want to be the Sierra Club's greatest fundraiser?

    You can help make it happen. Donate $10 to the Sierra Club in Rush's name, and we'll send him a special note of thanks for helping to support our efforts to promote clean-energy solutions and put an end to offshore drilling.

    What the heck -- we'll even offer him a backpack (but probably not one of the really nice ones).


    Sierra Club Trails

    Olivia BoulerAn Artful Eco Hero
    Olivia Bouler, an 11-year-old from Islip, New York, wanted to do something to help save the birds in the Gulf of Mexico. She came up with the idea of sending her drawings of birds as a thank you to people who donate to conservation groups (including the Sierra Club).

    Her artistic efforts are charming and already have more than 650 fans on Facebook. (Watch out, Rush -- you might have some serious competition in the fundraising department.) 


    Image Credit: Olivia Bouler

    Reading Michael Brune Brune
    Michael Brune was a Sierra Club author long before he became our executive director. His book Coming Clean: Breaking America's Addiction to Oil and Coal offered a clear road map for the clean-energy future that will make offshore oil drilling and other environmentally risky practices obsolete.

    Michael's still writing about that future in his new Sierra Club blog, which you can also sign up to receive as a newsletter. Between the BP crisis and the need for real action on climate and energy, he's had plenty to write about.  



    Robin MannMeet President Robin Mann
    The Sierra Club Board of Directors has elected a new president: long-time volunteer activist Robin Mann. She first became active with the local Sierra Club as a newsletter editor and , after moving to Pennsylvania, began working on wetlands and water-quality protection issues.

    You can learn more about President Mann and the current priorities for the Club's Board of Directors in Scrapbook.


    Robin MannHelp West Virginians Save Their Mountains
    Last March, the EPA announced its proposal to revoke the permit for what could become the biggest mountaintop-removal mining operation in Appalachia. West Virginia. Sierra Club members have submitted hundreds of comments to the EPA about the Spruce No.1 mine, operated by St. Louis-based Arch Coal, and turned out in force at a public hearing in Charleston, WV, on May 19.

    According to the EPA's website, the agency is concerned that the project "could result in unacceptable damage to the aquatic system, particularly to water quality and fish and wildlife resources."

    Add your voice now --the EPA is accepting public comments on Spruce No. 1 until June 1


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