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August 3, 2010: In This Issue
  • Off-Roaders Rule?
  • Say NO to More Oil Pipelines!
  • Nature: More Than a TV Channel
  • Three Big Victories
  • You Like Us, You Really Like Us
  • Thanks, Rush
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    Today's green tip
    Instead of trashing your unsold garage-sale items, hand them over to local charities such as Goodwill or consignment shops for recycling through reuse.

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    Rocky Mountain Fun

    Rocky Mountain High Adventures
    Join us in one of the largest and most spectacular mountain ranges in all of North America -- the Rockies! Whether you're seeking a challenge or a comfortable lodge experience, we've got a trip to suit you.

    Head north for backpacking in the magnificent Canadian Rockies, day hike a variety of Colorado's wilderness areas from rustic cabins, or help preserve America's oldest designated wilderness in Montana and Idaho.

    Check out all our fabulous Outings.
    In the News
    MughelliAfter Atlanta Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli witnessed the Gulf Coast Disaster firsthand as part of a Sierra Club-hosted visit by professional athletes, he was moved to write an op-ed piece for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last week: "We absolutely must care about our environment and the energy sources we use. So many of us may say that it's not our problem or we don't care -- but we have to." 

    Ansel Adams

    Ansel or Not?
    When a Fresno man bought a box of photographic negatives at a garage sale for $45, he never dreamed that a few years later some experts would assert that he'd stumbled on long-lost Ansel Adams photos worth up to $200 million. Others, including the Ansel Adams Trust, are not so sure.

    What do you think? For comparison, here are some photos taken by Adams during the Sierra Club's 1928 "High Trip" outing -- about the same time as many of the disputed photos.  

    Photo courtesy: Colby Library

    On the Radio
    1) Leilani Munter, NASCAR driver and environmental activist, talks about a recent trip to the Gulf Coast with a group of athletes to see the damage from the BP oil spill 2) Sierra Magazine's green lifestyle editor, Avital Binshtock, shares tips for saving paper 3) Green cuisine ideas from Annie Somerville, Executive Chef at Greens Restaurant.

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    South Africa

    Don't Use Our Money for Dirty Energy
    We can create thousands of new, clean-energy jobs in the U.S. by investing in clean-technology opportunities here at home, but instead the Export Import Bank is considering using taxpayer money to finance a new giant coal plant in South Africa.

    Tell the Export Import Bank to invest in clean energy in America -- not dirty energy abroad

    Off-RoadShould Off-Roaders Rule the Great Outdoors?
    What if only off-road vehicles were allowed in our parks? As part of its Great Outdoors Initiative, the Obama administration is collecting ideas for how communities can better conserve outdoor spaces via an online forum where people can post suggestions (and others can vote to "promote" or "demote" them).

    When Sierra Club member Nancy Dess posted her idea, though, she was surprised to see that the only ideas getting promoted were from off-road vehicle enthusiasts.

    What's going on here?

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    PipelineOne Million Gallons of Crude
    When an Enbridge Energy pipeline burst in southern Michigan last week, about one million gallons of crude tar-sands oil were dumped into Talmadge Creek and the Kalamazoo River. The oil was stopped before it reached Lake Michigan, but not before a 30-mile stretch of the river was fouled and some residents had to be evacuated because of unhealthy air quality.

    The Enbridge pipeline is part of the huge network of pipes that carry deadly tar-sands oil from Canada to the U.S. -- a network that Big Oil wants to expand even further with projects like the giant Keystone XL pipeline. If approved, it would carry tar-sands crude through one of the most important aquifers in the U.S. A single spill like the one last week would threaten the water supply for nearly one-fifth of the wheat, corn, cotton, and cattle raised in America…

    unless we stop them.

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    Join the Activist Network

    Watch the New VideoThe Kids Are Alright
    Sierra Club Youth Ambassador and best-internship winner Evan Geary has posted two new videos that capture the spirit of two of our favorite Sierra Club Youth Programs: Building Bridges to the Outdoors and Inner City Outings. Despite deadly spiders, scary-looking night creatures, and mustard-munching,  Evan and the kids are having one heckuva great summer.

    Showing kids that nature is more than just another cable channel is some of our most important work. That's why the Sierra Club is part of The Outdoor Alliance for Kids, a national partnership of diverse organizations working together to expand opportunities for children, youth, and families to connect with the outdoors.

    Do you agree that kids need to explore more than the latest video game? Share Evan's adventures with your friends and spread the word.  
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    WildernessThree in One Day!
    The Sierra Club works year-round to protect and preserve wilderness for future generations, and we've celebrated many victories along the way. But it's rare to have a day as good as the one last week when we scored three major wins for wilderness.

    Sierra Club Chairman Carl Pope was so excited he wrote a blog post about that "wonderful day for wilderness."

    Thanks to Sierra Club volunteers and supporters, we're counting on more great days like that one.

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    Green Your FacebookFive Pages You Oughta "Like"
    Whether you're on Facebook for news from your extended family or to get the latest environmental updates -- here are five essential pages we think you'll want to "like."

    The Sierra Club -- A little obvious, we know, but just in case you haven't already gotten around to it.

    Michael Brune -- Our awesome new executive director updates his own page on Facebook.

    Building Bridges to the Outdoors -- Be inspired by the Sierra Club youth program that works to make sure we "leave no child inside."

    Clair Tappaan Lodge -- Be the first to know what's "on Tapp" at the Sierra Club's rustic getaway in the High Sierra.

    Lisa P Jackson --The EPA director posts updates to her page often and appreciates feedback.

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    Thanks, Rush!Rush & the Sierra Club?
    No matter how absurd Rush Limbaugh gets, it's nice to know that he's thinking about the environment and the Sierra Club in particular – why else would he keep mentioning us to his listeners!

    But seriously -- because of you (and Rush's ridiculous call for the Sierra Club to "pick up the tab" for the oil spill) we were able to raise over $121,000 to put toward strengthening our fight for stronger environmental and energy laws that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, protect our oceans and fragile coastal environments and the wildlife who depend on them, and help protect the millions of jobs supported by coastal economies.

    If you'd like to see a couple more images of the thank you note we've sent Rush, you can check them out here -- and you can even rub a little salt in the wound at the same time with an additional donation!

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