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Dear Sierran,

It should be unthinkable that in the wake of the worst oil disaster in history, the Senate has not yet passed a bill that would hold BP accountable for the damage they have wreaked on Gulf communities and businesses.  

And yet, here we are.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid announced that, with every single Republican Senator blocking the way, the Senate will not vote on clean energy or climate legislation before the August recess.

Send a message to your senators letting them know that we expect our leaders to protect our economy, our health, and our environment, not polluter profits.

Over the past year we've sparked a movement for clean energy. We've made tens of thousands of phone calls, sent hundreds of thousands of messages, we've held rallies, house parties, and we've met with our elected officials. We passed clean energy and climate legislation in the House of Representative, defended the EPA from Big Oil attacks in the Senate, and won legislation to hold BP accountable in the House -- and after all of this activity, corporate polluters still maintain their vice-grip on Senate Republicans.  

These big oil and coal companies rely on a minority of Republican Senators to block action that would create badly needed jobs, hold polluters accountable, and reduce our dependence on oil.

And if that wasn't bad enough, these same polluters are looking to Congress to weaken existing laws under the Clean Air Act to reduce air pollution and protect our public health.

Tell your senators we will not stand by and watch polluters stand in the way of a clean energy future and attempt to weaken laws that protect our air.

In the coming months we will be even stronger and more determined in our efforts to defend the Clean Air Act, to hold BP and polluters accountable, and to end our addiction to dirty, dangerous, and deadly fossil fuels.

This is only the beginning.

The first step is holding our elected officials accountable -- send your message today.

Thanks for all that you do to protect our environment,
Sarah Hodgdon Signature
Sarah Hodgdon
Sierra Club Conservation Director

P.S. Please forward this message and help spread the word to your friends and family!
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