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As you know, there is a major "gas rush" in many parts of Pennsylvania, and our state does not have sufficient safeguards to protect the environment and public.  We need your help, please join our Fall Campaign to Make Drilling Safe in PA.

The Susquehanna County community of Dimock is an example of "drilling gone bad," where more than a dozen families have lost their water supplies due to gas drilling pollution.  A Clearfield County gas well blow-out went uncontrolled for nearly a day, spewing gas and wastewater more than 75 feet in the air. Pennsylvania and West Virginia gas drilling workers have been killed in both accidents. 

Sierra Club is working hard to protect Pennsylvania from these kinds of threats. Click here to join our Fall Campaign to Make Drilling Safe in PA!

We are working to pass legislation to: 

  • Put a hold on new drilling permits until the state government enacts laws and regulations to make Marcellus gas well drilling safe and environmentally sound.
  • Reform PA's Oil and Gas Act to require mandatory inspections, disclosure of fracking chemicals, extend the presumption of pollution, require adequate bonds and protect municipal zoning and police powers.
  • Put a hold on gas leases on PA's State Forests until a full cumulative analysis can be conducted on the impact of existing leasing.
  • Enact a severance tax comparable to other states and provide funding for communities impacted by gas drilling and for environmental conservation.
  • Block efforts to compel unwilling landowners into "forced pooling" arrangements.

Lives have been lost, our streams fouled, groundwater and soil contaminated, and local roads damaged under the weight of drilling trucks. Please take a stand today by joining our Fall Campaign to Make Drilling Safe in PA!

Thanks for  your support! 

Jeff Schmidt
Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter 

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