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Join Me to Protect
Appalachia from Mountaintop
Removal Coal Mining!

Lorelei Scarbro

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My name is Lorelei and I live in the Coal River Valley in southern West Virginia. About four years ago a coal company decided to blow the top off the mountain behind my house to mine for coal seams and then dump the debris in streams nearby.  

I realized that if my grandchildren were going to have clean drinking water I could no longer stand by and do nothing. I started calling my representatives from the state capitol in Charleston to those in Washington D.C. to ask that they protect the water my grandchildren drink and the air they breathe.

My grandchildren need your help. Please send a message to the Obama Administration today and help end mountaintop removal coal mining!

It's been four years since I began my campaign and though there's been progress, coal companies continue to ravage the mountains, streams, and lives of those that live in Appalachia. They are still blowing up our mountains and destroying our waterways

Today I'm in Washington D.C. marching to the White House along with thousands of others from Appalachia to call on the Obama Administration to protect the grandchildren of Appalachia. Even though you can't make it to Washington D.C. you can still help!

Tell the Obama Administration that the people of Appalachia matter! We are not an acceptable sacrifice for the greater profit margin of the coal industry. We need clean renewable energy and green jobs for my grandchildren and yours.

Thank you for all that you do to protect the environment!


Lorelei Scarbro
Volunteer & Community Organizer
Sierra Club

P.S. We need as many people as possible to take action to end mountaintop removal. Forward this message to your friends and family or click the share buttons below to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter

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