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Sept 28, 2010: In This Issue
  • Lynn's a Powerful Woman
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  • Michael Brune Q & A
  • The Future of Electric Cars
  • Get Out the Vote!
  • Protect Appalachia from MTR 
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    In the News
    Read how wolf reintroduction has reshaped Yellowstone's lost ecosystem.

    Vieques Island

    Warm Weather Adventures
    Seeking sun and surf this winter? How about snorkeling in crystal clear waters and restoring turtle nesting sites around Vieques Island in Puerto Rico? Or hiking, swimming, and searching for exotic plants and wildlife in Costa Rica? Or maybe kayaking amidst dolphins and mangroves in Florida's Everglades?

    Whether it's water sports, watching wildlife, or service projects, you'll find a Sierra Club outing to match your wish list!  

    Today's green tip
    Instead of cramming raked leaves into plastic bags that end up in landfills, use them to begin a compost pile.

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    Mr. Green does the dishes

    Watch Mr. Green Dish on Dishwashing
    You've read his tips in Sierra magazine. Now get a load of him in front of a camera. Mr. Green has stormed YouTube with tips on dishwashing, laundry, and reusable bags

    On the Radio
    1) The Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, talks with us about his pledge for a coal-free Los Angeles, and his vision for making L.A. the greenest city in the country 2) Eric Simons on his new book Darwin Slept Here: Discovery, Adventure, and Swimming Iguanas in Charles Darwin's South America 3) Annie Somerville, Executive Chef at Greens Restaurant in San Francisco, gives green cuisine tips.

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    Ovie Mughielli 
    Football Star Ovie Mughelli: Protect our Kids from Toxic Coal Ash
    Atlanta Falcons Fullback Ovie Mughelli knows all about moving the ball forward.

    Check out this short video on how we can make progress on tackling coal ash pollution.

    Lynn Henning meets President ObamaLynn Henning: First Obama, Now Oprah?
    Family farmer and Michigan Water Sentinel leader Lynn Henning had flown only once before this year. That changed in April when she flew to San Francisco to receive the 2010 North American Goldman Prize for her grassroots organizing to expose pollution from factory farms, and subsequently to Washington, D.C., to meet with President Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. Now, she's featured as one of 20 women on O Magazine's 2010 O Power List, for which she was interviewed by Erin Brokovich.

    "Winning the prize and meeting the president and Lisa Jackson has thrown the barn doors wide open on the factory farms issue," Henning says. "But I haven't met Oprah yet."
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    Photo: Official White House photo by Pete Souza

    Eva Mendes and YOUNew Beyond Oil Video Starring Eva Mendes and...You
    Ever wanted to star in a video with Eva Mendes? How about Ed Begley, Jr.? Well, it turns out you ARE starring in a video with Eva and Ed that urges President Obama to move our nation beyond oil.

    Check out our new customized Move Beyond Oil video featuring Eva Mendes, Ed Begley, Jr. — and YOU — urging President Obama to lead the way to a clean energy future. Invite your friends to star in the video, too.

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    Join the Activist Network

    Michael BruneDailyKos Q and A with Michael Brune
    Why isn't the environment getting the coverage it deserves this election season? How do we reverse the despair about stalled progress on climate disruption? How will the recent, packed coal-ash hearings affect upcoming EPA regulations?

    Find out in the DailyKos Live Chat with Michael Brune. (Actually, it was live yesterday, but it's still fresh today!)
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    Photo: Lori Eanes

    Electric car chargerWhat's Ahead for Electric Cars?
    Do you curse every time you're at the gas pump? Wish you could just plug your car into a socket? Those days are coming, but when? Find out about the future of electric cars in our interview with Plug In America co-founder Chelsea Sexton

    We're closer than you think to a world where clean cars are the norm and the average automobile gets at least 60 miles to the gallon. President Obama has the opportunity to set fuel efficiency standards of at least 60 miles per gallon by 2025, which would save us 44 billion gallons per year by 2030, three times what we import today from Saudi Arabia.

    Tell President Obama to move beyond oil and make our cars cleaner and more fuel efficient.  
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    ReEnergize the VoteTen Thousand New Voters and Counting
    In the past month, Sierra Club ReEnergize the Vote organizers have registered more than 10,000 young voters in six states, and thousands more have pledged to go to the polls on November 2. Many state registration deadlines are less than a week away, so we are redoubling our efforts for a final blitz.

    Today, we join with youth partners across the country for a National Day of Voter Registration. Can you help us meet our ambitious goals? Make sure you register to vote before the deadline, then email five young people you know so they can cast their vote this November, and beyond.
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    Paid for by Big OilPaid for by Big Oil
    The BP Oil Disaster isn't the only spill coming from the oil industry. With campaign contributions "spilling" from Big Oil to its allies in Congress, it's hard to keep up with all the outrageous statements made by the politicians they support.

    Check out the most recent "spills" on our animated "Paid for by Big Oil" site.
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    Blair MountainBattle of Blair Mountain 2
    In the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain, the largest armed insurrection on American soil since the Civil War, thousands of coal miners rose up in defense of their right to unionize. Ninety years later, the battle has been rejoined, with Big Coal eyeing the site for mining and the National Park Service inexplicably removing Blair Mountain from the National Register of Historic Places last December. The Sierra Club and our allies in West Virginia are fighting to protect this historic site

    Meanwhile the Club continues to push the Obama administration to protect Appalachia's mountains and streams from mountaintop removal coal mining. On September 28, more than 2,000 activists took to the streets of Washington, D.C., demanding an end to mountaintop removal.

    Click here to help West Virginia grandmother Lorelei Scarbro tell the White House to protect the people of Appalachia from dirty coal pollution

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    An aerial shot of mountaintop removal that took place near Blair Mountain. Photo courtesy

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