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Oct. 12, 2010: In This Issue
  • Dress for Success and Win a Solar Backpack
  • The Best John Muir Video on Earth
  • When Good Isn't Good Enough
  • The Story of Coal
  • Walking to School
  • Don't Let Big Coal Bully the EPA
  • Join the Sierra Club Today!
    In the News
    Michael Brune in Mother Jones on the national significance of the fight to protect California's climate bill.
    Check out our Environmental Education team!

    Learn about Learning
    Whether you're a teacher helping students learn about ecosystems, a naturalist taking middle schoolers to catch frogs and collect water samples, or a parent leading your children on a hike in a nearby park, check out the Environmental Education team on the Sierra Club's Activist Network. Its members are dedicated to cultivating the next generation of conservationists by sharing tips, ideas, events, and resources.
    Today's green tip
    Harness the power of the sun and install solar panels. Don't forget to take advantage of state and federal rebates for solar installation.

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    The best-selling nature calendars of all time are back -- just in time for 2011. You can order your Sierra Club Engagement or Wall Calendar right here. And if you're a Sierra Club member, don't forget that you get a discount right now -- no need to wait until 2011's half over!
    On the Radio
    1) Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers on their book What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption 2) Avital Binshtock from Sierra magazine gives tips for greening your bathroom 3) Skip Yowell, the co-founder of JanSport, talks with us about his book The Hippie Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder & Other Mountains.

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    Take action to protect our sequoias! 
    Bad Plan for Big Trees
    A new management plan for Giant Sequoia National Monument could lead to increased tree removal within the Monument -- and at levels higher than before the Monument was designated. Send a message today to help protect our giant sequoias!
    Special Sanity and Fear Edition

    Take part today and submit your Sierra Club rally slogan!Sanity: Help Us Dress for Success
    (and Win a Solar Backpack)
    On October 30, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are mounting competing events on the National Mall: "The Rally to Restore Sanity" and the "March to Keep Fear Alive." Yikes -- how to choose?

    Protecting our only currently habitable planet seems to put us firmly in the "sanity" camp. But, then again, it's the day before Halloween, and Washington D.C. has plenty of scary monsters.

    Whichever we choose, let's at least show up with some great t-shirts to wear. Submit your sanest, scariest, and funniest enviro slogans for Restoring Sanity and/or Keeping Fear Alive. We'll carve the best ones on a giant sequoia with a solar-powered chainsaw. Just kidding!!! If we use your brilliant t-shirt idea, we'll send you one of the t-shirts and a solar-powered backpack. For real!
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    Watch our video!Fear: The Best John Muir Video on Earth
    This masterpiece by the winner of our Best Internship on Earth contest, Evan Geary, is the best John Muir video we've ever seen (sorry, Ken Burns). We're afraid no one will ever be able to top it. And that beard. That beard's a little scary, too.

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    Join the Activist Network
    Michael BruneSanity: When Good Isn't Good Enough
    In spite of stalled climate legislation and an epic oil disaster, some progress has been made in recent months toward reducing our addiction to oil. But Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune argues that really solving the problem requires "a deeper level of thinking." Can we learn to "think different" about transportation? Your comments are welcome!

    Photo: Lori Eanes
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    Watch our video and learn the truth about the dangers of coal!Fear: The Scary Story of Coal
    Think of the scariest movie you ever saw. Were you still frightened a week later? The Life of Coal won't make you spill your popcorn, but what you'll learn about coal-mining in less than two minutes will stick with you a long time. Did you know that pollution from coal plants has been linked to four of the five leading causes of death in the United States. Now that's scary.

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    Take the Walk to School Challenge!Sanity: Walking to School
    Walking to school is great for the health of both kids and the environment, which is why the Green Works Walk to School Challenge makes so much sense. Almost 100,000 people have already participated on Facebook, but it's not too late to get started. You could win a $5,000 Green Grant for your school as well as green goodies for your family.

    Need ideas and inspiration? Our Sierra Club Back to School page has tips and special offers.
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    Call today and help protect our communities from coal ash!Fear: Don't Let Big Coal Bully the EPA
    Hazardous materials from toxic coal-ash dumps seep into drinking water and increase cancer risks. Incredibly, though, some members of Congress are pressuring the EPA to weaken proposed new standards -- putting coal company profits before our health.

    But Illinois Representative Mike Quigley isn't scared of Big Coal. He's fighting back by circulating a letter in the House in support of the EPA.

    Call your U.S. representative and tell them to protect communities by adding their name to Representative Quigley's letter.
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