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Don't Miss Hiking in These State ParksHaHaTonkaSmallest
At the September Eastern Missouri Group meeting Allison Vaughn, natural resource steward of the Missouri Department of Natural Resource told us about several exciting state parks, including the Trail of Tears and Ha Ha Tonka. See the story inside for more details. Read More


Missouri Hellbender LizardHelp Protect the Ozark Hellbender
The Ozark Hellbender, everybody's favorite giant salamander, is endangered by water quality depletion and over collection. Read inside to learn what you can do to help protect this magnificent creature. Read More 


The Confluence Still Needs Your Help!
If you haven't sent comments to the Missouri Gaming Commission -- please send a short comment opposing a casino at the Missouri-Mississippi River Confluence as soon as possible to: Leann McCarthy, Missouri Gaming Commission, 3417 Knipp Drive, P.O. Box 1847, Jefferson City, MO 65102. This proposed casino would be St. Louis's 7th and will be 500 yards away from the Confluence Conservation Area, in the flyway of the Mississippi and close to Riverlands Conservation Area. Some 800 people and clubs are against this casino complex. The Gaming Commission should make a decision between now and the end of November.


Why Don't American Homeowners Lower their Energy Use?
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) has a website and report on "Driving Demand for Home Energy Improvements." This is meant to help "millions of Americans be persuaded to divert valued time and resources into upgrading their home." Compared to the huge possibilities of energy saving for the average homeowner there has been little success with Americans investing in comprehensive home energy improvements.

The LBNL website gives specific ways to motivate large numbers of homeowners to do important energy improvements. If you're interested in action on this issue contact Henry Robertson at or Becky Denney at


Efficiency Works -Creating Good Jobs and New Markets Through Energy Efficiency 
If you would like to see how energy efficiency retrofits can provide American jobs, click on this recent report.


October 21st at 7pm -- Labadie Elementary School (map)
Please Attend Public Hearing on Ameren's Air Pollution Permit for Labadie

Attend the hearing in Labedie, Franklin County and submit your comment on the operating permit for Labadie, Missouri's largest power plant. Let us know if you're interested in attending and speaking. We will provide you with details about the hearing. Detailed comments have already been filed by the Wash U. environmental clinic. Flyer about the event attached. To attend or for questions, contact Henry Robertson at 314-647-5603 or


October 23-31
MO Ozark TrailWeek Long Trail Building on the Ozark Trail
We will reroute several sections of the Ozark Trail in the Pioneer Forest due to overuse and erosion problems.

Free camping at Johnson's Shut-ins State park. You will need rain gear, work gloves and sturdy foot wear. Camp fire every night. If you play a musical instrument bring it and play for us.Some meals will be furnished. We will have a Halloween party Saturday, October 30 so bring a costume.

More info will be provided upon sign up. Contact Paul Stupperich (314) 429-4352 or or Bob Gestel (636) 296-8975 or to sign up or for more information.


October 30
Sierra Club Day of Action to Elect Robin Carnahan to the United States Senate
Sierra Club members will be going door to door on Saturday October 30th to generate votes for Robin Carnahan. This race will help determine whether the U.S. Senate takes action on climate change, clean air, and moving to a clean energy economy. Please come out and help – canvassing is the single most effective method for persuading voters!  

Let's stop Roy Blunt and the oil companies that want to buy him a Senate seat. St. Louis area Meeting Location: 9020 Overland Plaza (map), on Page just west of 170. Please RSVP by contacting Sierra Club Chapter Political Chair John Hickey at or 314-800-8171


November 9
EMG Conservation Strategy Meeting
We will meet at 7pm at the EMG Office (Map) and 
focus on the outcomes of the strategy planning that took place between Karla Wilson of EcoWorks Unlimited and EMG Conservation Chair Becky Denney. The focus for future planning is now on the Resilient Habitat campaign as found in the Climate Recovery Partnership. Information about Resilient Habitat outcomes can be found here.

One early step will be to understand all the conservation actions volunteers are already taking in the EMG area. Input from you will be helpful we revise the EMG Conscom program. For more information, write Becky at

Many other great events and outings are happening in the near future

For our full and exciting outings schedule, see our website here.

For a full list of speakers and workshops, see our website here. 

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