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October 20, 2010
Contact:David Willett (202) 675-6698

Ken Buck in His Own Extreme Words
Sierra Club releases
new Ken Buck video

WASHINGTON, DC- Today the Sierra Club released the second online video in a series being sent to members and supporters highlighting one of 2010’s most extreme political candidates, Ken Buck, and urging Americans who voted for change in 2008 to vote again this November.

More information on this and other races can be found at Sierra Club's first-ever online voter guide.

"Ken Buck is part of the growing list of extremist candidates running for office this fall. We're making sure our supporters in Colorado know how proud Ken Buck is to be a climate denier, and how far he is willing to go to open up protected land for more oil drilling," said Cathy Duvall, Sierra Club's Political Director. "Colorado is already a clean energy leader and Ken Buck talks a lot about a variety of energy sources, but this video exposes where his interests really lie--more oil and coal and a total disregard for science."

Over the course of the campaign, Buck has proudly touted, "Deniers? I'm one of those," and questioned whether any Colorado land should be off limits to drilling.

"We are telling our members and the public about the stark choices this election," said Duvall. "Do candidates support rebuilding America through a clean energy economy, or are they knee-jerk global warming deniers? Do they believe in responsible energy choices or the 'drill, baby, drill' chant that led to the BP Disaster? Do they support giving Big Oil and corporations another bailout, or do they want to hold corporations accountable for the pollution they create?"

This effort's first video featured clips from Senate candidate Rand Paul from Kentucky in which he supports destructive coal mining, mocks environment protection, dismisses global warming, and more. The video highlights some of his most outrageous quips, including his classic, “I don’t think anybody will be missing a hill or two here and there” dismissal of the destructive and controversial practice of exploding mountaintops for coal mining.


Paid for by the Sierra Club Independent Action and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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